Battery Charge Level Problem MacBook Pro

After Toshiba, Apple betrayed me too! Is the “Breakthrough Battery” slogan, a lie? Apple is announcing here that “A built-in battery powers MacBook Pro for up to 7 to 8 hours on a single charge”. However mine even can’t afford the 4th hour (even with no keyboard illumination, at the lowest level of screen brightness […]

Remember to calibrate your battery! MacBook, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4

Just once in a month does sound acceptable! So give yourself and your MacBook a rest (actually you can continue working – no prob) and calibrate your battery for staying more time wireless. Here you will find the article about how this calibration is done. For aliminium case macbook pro series; – charge it full […]

MacBook Pro Sound Balance Problem?

Today, while I was listening from my brand new MacBook Pro, I’ve noticed that there is a unbalanced treble sound. The speaker on the right side was predominant compared to the one at the left. I check the balance of the sound system from the System Settings and realized one more that there is […]