Why did I sell my VanMoof S3?

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I am a VanMoofer since 02.2019 and when I received the invitation for ordering a newer, better version of my S2 a.k.a S3. It took a few minutes to order then a month and a half for the delivery.


I’ve received my S3 literally from the first batch delivered to Europe. Until then I had two VanMoofs, the Electrified S2 and the brand new S3. Maybe you’ve already watched this video S3 and S2 side by side it was the first S3 video on youtube.

VanMoof S2 and S3 side by side

I was thinking about this for a while… Since the day I have the S3 (25.05.20) every time I was going for a ride, there was a decision to be made: which one to pick this time?


At the beginning, I was picking the S3 almost all the time, and if the battery was low or was on charge then S2 was the backup. Meanwhile, I listed the S2 for sale.


Naturally, the demand for S3 was crazy. In May-June the waiting time for the new S3/X3 were basically end of summer, beginning of fall.

S3 is awesome, but S2 is also awesome.

Unfortunately the demand for the S2 wasn’t that good, also VanMoof changed the pricing of it, offered brand new ones over their Outlet store, even made campaings with ADAC, which decreased the value of the bicycle.

VanMoof S2 Unboxing

The 3398€ bicycle was on sale during the Corona outbreak for about 1598€, meanwhile the S3 was listed with the price tag of 1998€. So the newer, better version even almost half of the price.


Anyway, I am living in a hilly town, where I was testing the S2 and the S3 on step hills and prove that there is almost no hill that they can not tackle.

Check these wooden pedals for your VanMoof out.


VanMoof S3 tacking the steepest hills of my city

S3 was amazing tacking hills, acceleration is nice, top speed even faster than some electro scooters. I started to feel like I am getting lazier, it started to feel like I am riding a electro scooter. While I was using the S2 climbing hills were quite easy, sweat free and still feels like riding a bicycle. The stronger acceleration and the faster rides somehow started to make me feel get lazier. I asked myself do I want to get lazier and faster? To wrap it up, I decided to list the S3 for sale too.


To sum it up, I realised that S2 is really sufficient; the speed and acceleration of the bike is already good enough. Riding up the hills with 26km/h is awesome but 18km/h is also okay.


Now you can enjoy the 360 degree video.

VanMoof S3 ride in 360 degrees


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VanMoof S3/X3

🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
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Side by side comparison of the brand new VanMoof S3 with the VanMoof Electrified S2. There are some nice upgrades.

These pedals look nicer on your VanMoof

Electrified S2 (2019)Brand New S3 (2020)
BreaksMechanical Disk BreaksHydraulic Disk Breaks
GearsMechanical (automatic) 2-SpeedE-Shifter (electronic) 4-Speed
Engine Torque30 Nm59 Nm
Engine Power250-500 Watts250-500 Watts
BoostStrong AccelerationExtremely Strong Acceleration
Top Speed38 km/h42 km/h
Speed ModeUS (32), EU (25 km/h), Japan (24)US (32), EU (25 km/h), Japan (24)
Range60-150* KM60-150* KM
Battery504 Wh504 Wh
Weight19 KG19 KG
BellNot Customisable (Submarine)Customisable (Party, Submarine, Ding Dong)
SpeakerKind of LoudLouder than S2
Kick LockIncl. with AlarmIncl. with Alarm
ColorsGray, WhiteDark, Light
Quick Comparison Table for VanMoof Electrified S2 and S3

Hill Challenge; riding up a steep hill %15 incline, comparing the VanMoof S3 and the Electrified S2.
Winner is 🥇 S3.

How does the E-Shifter of the VanMoof S3 works and sounds?

VanMoof S3 acceleration on a flat road from 0-40 km/h in 11 seconds. Even faster then many scooters with electric or petrol.

Conclusion: must buy, order one from vanmoof.com today.

How to take care of your VanMoof? Vanmoof it, Moof it!


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Vanmoof Electrified S2/X2 Speed Settings

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After receiving many questions regarding this topic, I decided to take a look at the speed settings of my Vanmoof Electrified S2.

Europe 🇪🇺

Support LevelSpeedBoost
116 km/h25 km/h
222 km/h25 km/h
325 km/h27 km/h
427 km/h29 km/h

United States 🇺🇸

Support LevelSpeedBoost
116 km/h32 km/h
225 km/h32 km/h
328 km/h32 km/h
432 km/h32 km/h


🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
Apply the VanMoof discount code below during checkout
to get €100/$100/£95 off on Accessories & PoM services :

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Almanya’da Araba Park Etmek

Artık APCOA FLOW ile arabanızı Almanya’da biletsiz olarak park edebilirsiniz. Tek yapmanız gereken uygulamayı yüklemek ve gerekli adımları izlemek. Eğer size vereceğim 3VAOT1 (yazıyla: Üç Van Ankara Ordu Tokat Bir ) kodunu da girerseniz, ilk parkınızdan 10 Euro indirip alacaksınız. Sistem Türkiye’deki HGS sistemine benziyor. Tıpkı HGS etiketi gibi bir etiket adresinize postalanıyor. Etiketi aracınızı ön camına (iç kısıma) yapıştırıyorsunuz. APCOA otoparklarına aracınızla geldiğinizde kapı size otomatik açılıyor, aynı şekilde otoparktan çıkarken de herşey otomatik şekilde gerçekleşiyor. Otoparkta kaldığınız süre (ilk 5 dakika ücretsiz olmalı) hesaplanıyor otomatik olarak banka/kredi kartınızdan alınıyor. Böylelikle park kartını ödemek için vs. gereksiz zaman harcamaktan da kurtulmuş oluyorsunuz. Uygulamayı hemen indirin: https://apcoa.onelink.me/fSQz/d5ab59b 

Vanmoof it, Moof it! ‘Electrified S2’

If you consider buying a S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout, get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

Vanmoof. The coolest bike that I’ve ever seen. Ordered it without seeing it in real 🙈 no test rides.

Last year summer, while I was surfing the web I came across to an advert. I said ‘wow!’ to myself. Usually I don’t click adverts but this time I had to make an exception.

An awesome design, great features, high-tech stuff, to keep it short: what a bicycle? It’s called Vanmoof Electrified S2.

OK, the price was not cheap (it was advertised for early bird 2599 and it was written that the list price is gonna be 3399 euros). It was too late, the devil was already sitting on my shoulder. I searched videos of the bicycle online. There was only one video from Vanmoof Electrified S2 since it was even not in production yet. However, I could find many of them from the previous version, Electrified S.

It was also great. I told it to myself (or the devil in me) you should have it. Now (while I am writing this post), just checked the confirmation email, on June 28th, 2018 I gave the order.

The pre-order required an advanced payment of 100 euros, which I could get back if I would have changed my mind.

The delivery was shown as Jan/Feb 2019 and surely, I was one of the early early birds.

Worth the wait. Waiting was actually exciting too. Nov 16th, 2018 I received the email for final payment. I had to pay the rest amount, a.k.a 2499 euros. Puhh. It was a hard click ‚pay‘, I thought if I don’t like the bike, I can always send it back in the first 30 days and get a full refund.

Almost half a year later from the reservation day; Jan 24th, 2019 I received a shipment email and there it was, delivered at my door on Jan 28th, 2019.

In a box with a huge TV image on it, what a brilliant ‘strategic product innovation’. There is an article out there, speaking of how Vanmoof minimised the delivery (especially in the United States) damages of their bikes. Since the carriers are being more gentle to a TV set rather than a bicycle.

I am living in a university town, where there are many bicycles. I am sure there are very nice ones but there is only one Vanmoof Electrified S2. 😅

Vanmoof Electrified S2 is a electric bicycle or pedelec as they say in Germany. It can support the rider up to 25km/h in Europe and 32km/h in the US. This Europe/United States change can be set via its mobile phone app. Download iOS and Android.

How the app looks like? Watch the video:

If you like my videos please consider subscribing to my channel and give a shoutout about what would you like to see.

How to take good care of your Vanmoof?

Let’s pay attention to what users are speaking about Electrified S and S2 in the www.

  • Follow Vanmoof on Twitter 😉
  • Crankshaft is prone to loosening (it may also create a ‘woobling’ feeling while pedalling).
  • Disk brakes need constant adjustment (lets say every 100 kms) and make a scraping sound which can’t be avoided.
  • ☝️ this can help as well

  • It has a noise chain guard when it’s wet. Make sure the chain is not lubricated more than necessary otherwise it will attract more muck and make more noise.
  • Update your iOS or Android app also check the latest version of your bicycle’s firmware, if it’s old and you see no update available then contact the customer support, via twitter or website.

  • Keep tyres properly inflated; they tend to lose some pressure even when not punctured and this KILLS economy and thus range.
  • Periodically make sure all bolts are tightened – especially handlebar head bolt.
  • Check lights turn on/off correctly; the light sensor can become oversensitive.
  • If your rear gearbox (SRAM Automatix) starts to make cracking noises (defective) or change up/down inconsistently (adjustment) it’s time to get it checked.

  • Your LBS can do this, or there are plenty of vids on Youtube.
  • Apart from this the only issues with ES17s tend to be electronic: Err29s and so on which you can’t ‘maintain’ your way out of.
  • Make friends with your local VM store and you’ll be fine because VM service is outstanding.

some photo credits: Vanmoof


If you consider buying a S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout, get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

Almanya’da İnternet’ten Alışveriş

Haftada bir kere alışveriş yapıyorsunuz ve tamam online alışveriş nedir artık A’dan Z’ye söz sahibisiniz. Tebrikler… Peki ya size bir sorum var, hiç Cashback diye birşey duydunuz mu?

Internet’ten alışveriş yapmak artık dünyanın hemen hemen her ülkesinde insanların vazgeçilmezlerinden oldu denebilir. Sıcacık evinizin rahatlığında binlerce online mağazadan alışveriş yapabiliyorsunuz ve aldığınız ürünleri 14 gün boyunca mazeret bildirmeden dahi (bazı online alışveriş sitelerinde mevcut, örneğin Amazon) geri gönderebiliyorsunuz.

Madem duymadınız ben anlatayım. Cashback bir nevi süpermarketlerdeki, benzin istasyonlarındaki puan toplama sistemi gibi bir sistem, ancak puanları puan olarak değilde direk TL/$/€ para birimlerinde alabilirsiniz.

Bu Cashback istelerinden Almanya’da en çok üye internet mağaza üyesi olanlar iGraal ve Shoop. Bu siteleri kullanarak Hotel rezervasyonu da yapabilirsiniz. Her iki sitede de Booking.com ve/veya Hotels gibi internet servisleri mevcut. Alışveriş, rezervasyon yapacağınız ya da hesap açacağınız sitelere iGraal ve/veya Shoop üzerinden gidin. Böylece yaptığınız ödemenin veya kaydın bir kısmı tekrar geri alabileceksiniz.

Bir örnek vermek gerekirse iGraal, Hotels üzerinden bugün %8 Cashback geri alabiliyorsunuz ve benzer şekilde Shoop‘da Hotels için %7 ile %5 arasında Cashback geri alınıyor. 100€’luk bir alışverişinizde 8€ bir süre sonra tekrar hesabınıza yatacaktır.

☝️ ama aslında en iyisi bu!

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Vanmoof Electrified S2 – Electric Bicycle

If you consider buying a S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout, get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

At the end of 2018, I started to think about finding ways to eliminate the hills of Tübingen while riding a bicycle. Naturally, I started to search for electric bicycles, e-scooters, electric scooters.

I came across to Vanmoof Electric S2. Thanks to social media and its heavily integrated advertisement infrastructure. I checked the website and liked it a lot, then I watched the videos on youtube to see how was the previous model. In​ the end, the 30-days trial period made me decide to order. I pre-ordered the e-bike in November and it arrived at the end of January.

Here are some videos I’ve recently made.

If you wonder how the engine of the Vanmoof Electrified S2 sounds like, then you should watch this one.


If you consider buying a S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout, get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

Einstein Analytics Applications, create/update templates

Did you create your first Einstein Analytics application? Clean and neat! I assume that you’ve already designed a data flow, ran it already to generate your application dataset. Created a dashboard with lenses in place, filters, lists, charts to visualise the dataset.

It’s already great, now you can go to Einstein Analytics, click on your application. Check the charts, read your data, understand it easier than before. Read any change at a glance, easy peasy. You answered your own questions with it but there are many people out there who are struggling with the same problems. What’s next?

Well, you can share your solution with them from A to Z. However, you first need to create a template. Here is how! 

At this step if you have no clue about what are the templates, go ahead and watch these two short videos.
Einstein Analytics Templates: Build, Customize. Sell.

Before you start, you need to make sure that all the prerequisites are set correctly. If you are not sure take a quick look at this page 🌍.

Well, after the making sure that all prerequisites are on place, go to https://workbench.developerforce.com/ and logging in to your org.

Check out the Step 1 to Create (or Update) the Template Objects then you follow the next steps according to the interests of your Einstein Analytics applications.

If you need to define rules or create a wizard for your Einstein Analytics application then it’s possible to change this by following Step 3 to Edit the JSON Files.

For example, the wizard is how you ask your future template user to decide which dimensions in a dataset to include and which to exclude, what name a new dashboard, or how to label a field in a chart. You control all this by editing the four types of JSON files discussed in this step (template-info.json, ui.json, variables.json, and any number of rules.json), which constitute the template assets.

Variance Analysis using Einstein Analytics (Wave Analytics)

In order to create more insight on sales data, Einstein Analytics can be great help. In order to bring Einstein Analytics into the game, it’s required to create relevant data flows, datasets, dashboards in other words an EA application.

The aim here is to bring a solution for better understanding the relations between profitability/loss at first sight. In order to achieve this goal, daily data collection is important, this means running the data flow everyday and get the ‘exchange rate’, ‘price of the products’, ‘partial and/or total volumes’ and naturally the ‘revenue’ and ‘date’. Basically take a snapshot of the data.

The data flow runs daily and stores the data in a table. The data table grows by addition of new rows. The data table also includes ‘snapshot date’, ‘exchange rate’, ‘price’, ‘volume’ and ‘revenue’ fields as columns. 

In order to calculate the changes shown in the figure above, you need to use the compare table. 

when you edit a lens in the dashboard,
choose ‘compare table’

You need to add measures then click on the ‘arrow down’ icon and select ‘Edit this column’ option of a measure to define formulas for the column.

add new measures and edit them

While editing the columns (measures) you can assign new aliases. For example in the use case which is defined here, one can expect two snapshots having two different revenue values and a new column to calculate the ‘change in revenue’. It’s easy to set the alias R1 for ‘snapshot #1’s revenue’ as R2 for ‘snapshot #2’s revenue’. It’s simple! Defining the ‘change in revenue’ requires a new column with a formula calculation of ‘R2-R1’.  You can also define window functions for different groups of data.

give alias, column names and define formulas when
editing the columns of the compare table

Once you have all the columns and their formulas defined, you can save the compare table and transform it into a chart. The calculations are done, dynamically and displayed as bars, slices or as gauges according to your chart choices.

Problem: I guess until this point everything was clear. The problem I was facing with was to define two date fields (as string) ‘Snapshot Date 1’ and ‘Snapshot Date 2’ and filter the data ‘Revenue’, ‘Price’ etc. on selection. 

The tricky part was having only one table (dataset). So I defined two columns for date (as string) which are calculated (computeExpression) everyday when the data flow run happens.

When you use one field ‘Snapshot Date 1’ and select a date, because of faceting, every element on the dashboard was filtered. This restricts comparison of two dates.

Overcoming such a problem requires ‘disabling faceting’ on the list selector fields and on the chart and define manual binding of the fields as filters to the steps. 

revenue comparisons for two different snapshot dates

Solution: I basically modified the compare table, disabled the faceting and bound the steps with list selectors in a custom fashion. The bottle neck was the binding filters and the steps.

To do that hit Ctrl+E (windows), Cmd+E (mac) and edit the code as below for each column you want to filter per list selector.

"filters": [
          "{{column(SnapshotDate1ListSelector.selection, [\"SnapshotDate1\"]).asObject()}}"

In order to make the binding happen and filtering work, the real trick was using “==” operator rather than “in”.

Custom (re)ordering of legend/bar segments in Einstein Analytics


Recently I tacked with the problem of ordering the legend/bar segments in Einstein Analytics and this is how I solved it.

Using the Einstein Analytics user interface, I could sort bar segments of a stacked column chart in asc/desc order or keep it unsorted. However, I needed to sort them in a custom fashion like in the image. 

Apparently, its possible by using custom SAQL and with final touches using the extended meta data a.k.a XMD.


if you are familiar with Einstein Analytics, you know this one 😉

Then you need to add a similar code like the following into the SAQL code:

q = foreach q generate (case 
when 'Fruits__c' == "Berry" then "03 Berry" 
when 'Fruits__c' == "Apple" then "02 Apple" 
when 'Fruits__c' == "Orange" then "01 Orange" 
end) as 'Fruits__c';

After this step, the legend is going to show its contents with numbers in front. To fix this using the eXtended Meta Data (XMD) .json file.

Go ahead download the XMD.json file after clicking “edit” dataset. As seen in the screenshot below, click “download” to get the latest .json file.

you will see it, when you click ‘edit’ dataset

Now you need to edit the “dimensions” part like in the example code below. Define the member and label fields, if you want to override the color as well then also color too.

Next step is to replace the XMD .json file. Click the ‘replace‘ button and upload the updated file.

    "dimensions" : [
    "linkTemplateEnabled": false,
        "member":"01 Orange"
         "member":"02 Apple"
         "member":"03 Berry"
    "recordDisplayFields": [],
    "salesforceActions": [],
    "salesforceActionsEnabled": false,
    "showInExplorer": true

Niceness! Now you have an ordered/coloured legend/bar segments in the stacked column chart and no more misleading/confusing numbers in front the legend elements.