Why did I sell my VanMoof S3?

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I am a VanMoofer since 02.2019 and when I received the invitation for ordering a newer, better version of my S2 a.k.a S3. It took a few minutes to order then a month and a half for the delivery.


I’ve received my S3 literally from the first batch delivered to Europe. Until then I had two VanMoofs, the Electrified S2 and the brand new S3. Maybe you’ve already watched this video S3 and S2 side by side it was the first S3 video on youtube.

VanMoof S2 and S3 side by side

I was thinking about this for a while… Since the day I have the S3 (25.05.20) every time I was going for a ride, there was a decision to be made: which one to pick this time?


At the beginning, I was picking the S3 almost all the time, and if the battery was low or was on charge then S2 was the backup. Meanwhile, I listed the S2 for sale.


Naturally, the demand for S3 was crazy. In May-June the waiting time for the new S3/X3 were basically end of summer, beginning of fall.

S3 is awesome, but S2 is also awesome.

Unfortunately the demand for the S2 wasn’t that good, also VanMoof changed the pricing of it, offered brand new ones over their Outlet store, even made campaings with ADAC, which decreased the value of the bicycle.

VanMoof S2 Unboxing

The 3398€ bicycle was on sale during the Corona outbreak for about 1598€, meanwhile the S3 was listed with the price tag of 1998€. So the newer, better version even almost half of the price.


Anyway, I am living in a hilly town, where I was testing the S2 and the S3 on step hills and prove that there is almost no hill that they can not tackle.

Check these wooden pedals for your VanMoof out.


VanMoof S3 tacking the steepest hills of my city

S3 was amazing tacking hills, acceleration is nice, top speed even faster than some electro scooters. I started to feel like I am getting lazier, it started to feel like I am riding a electro scooter. While I was using the S2 climbing hills were quite easy, sweat free and still feels like riding a bicycle. The stronger acceleration and the faster rides somehow started to make me feel get lazier. I asked myself do I want to get lazier and faster? To wrap it up, I decided to list the S3 for sale too.


To sum it up, I realised that S2 is really sufficient; the speed and acceleration of the bike is already good enough. Riding up the hills with 26km/h is awesome but 18km/h is also okay.


Now you can enjoy the 360 degree video.

VanMoof S3 ride in 360 degrees

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