This ebike 🚲 is all you need in the city: VanMoof S3

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I am writing the same things over and over again. How I saw that advertisement online, there were no photos but renders. Yes, just some renders and text about the features. I was amazed it was really like a Tesla on two wheels, gave the order. I am riding this bicycle for 3 years now and it’s a VanMoof.

I am living in a hilly town, even has a song about being hilly, called “Tübingen, warum bist du so hügelig”. Yes, live in a hilly town and have a constant fad to commute to work by bike. The only problem was to ride up the hills early mornings and down the hills in the evenings. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting sweaty arriving home but not the other way around.

To find it out you need to try it. So did I and it wasn’t fun. The hardest part was going up an altitude of 155 meters in about 1500 meters ride.

Therefore I ordered my first eBike. A piece of tech. Design masterpiece. Whole package! No need to buy extra lights, fenders, a bell, or a lock. So during the time between the order and the delivery, I was continuously raising my hopes and expectations higher and higher.

It was January 2019 when I greeted the UPS guy. Well, UPS wasn’t that famous in European VM communities at that time, but the VanMoof bike boxes with the TV on them. Those boxes were pretty famous, and I had one of them. A bike box with a TV picture on. You can read the story here TV, or not TV? A year later, UPS caught a trend yet the vibes were negative.

Unboxing Electrified S2
Unboxing S3
Attaching the Motor Cable of S3

The bike was delivered in one piece, with no hassle like the front wheel installation (Just check the videos above, you’ll understand what I mean). I aligned the handlebar, put the pedals on, registered the bike, made the adjustments while charging it. The whole unpack and set up experience was like: wow! iPhone App, wow! registration, cool! it also has speed and light settings, wow! Matrix display, yeah! kicklock & touch unlock.

Long story short, I had zero hesitation, no regrets. My expectations were already fulfilled, right after I took my first spin. I told myself I should show this bicycle to the world. So mouth a GoPro on the top tube and started to make videos like this.

The song in this video was picked by VanMoof

Using the Electrified S2, I can go anywhere in my town and within the 30–40 km vicinity. Up and down, back and forth, summer, winter, spring or autumn. Without breaking a sweat. I continued to experiment on every possible hill and road. Conclusion was Electrified S2 is more than sufficient for my town.

S3 and Electrified S2 side by side

When VanMoof S3 came out in April 2020. I pre-ordered it. I planned to sell the Electrified S2. I used them both for 3 months long, compared them every day, and at the end kept the Electrified S2. A year VanMoof refreshed the S3 and X3with features like;  Apple’s Find My integration, Powerbank, e-Shifter, pedals, buttons and convinced me to order a refreshed S3. This time my plan is to keep them both.

VanMoof S3 Refresh 2021 has a lot of (hidden) power! 🔥

I am getting a lot of questions, especially about VanMoof S3’s performance on tacking hills. I don’t know any other bicycle which looks so good, comes with everything you (toolbox, pump, lights, lock, alarm, mudguards, etc) need out of the box and has a longer range with a lot of power.

VanMoof S3 Tacking the Hills of Stuttgart @ Weinsteige

If you live in the city and want to have a bicycle to commute to work or daily cycling, and weekend tours then all you need is a VanMoof. S3/X3 is stronger and faster, tech-wise offers more also allows you to extend your ride using the Powerbank but S2/X2 is still sufficient and helps you avoid sweating while keeping you fitter. You can still attach an AirTag and use Find My to locate your Electrifie S2/X2.

How to use retrofit an AirTag & use Find My with other VanMoof models?

If you can order a VanMoof in your country then you have will 14 days to test it out and if you are still not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund and get your money back within 14 days after it is returned. Check returns for more information.

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🚲 If you consider buying an S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout and get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

VanMoof aktualisiert S3 und X3 mit Apple Find My Network Integration  + 🔋

🚲 Wenn du ein S3 / X3 kaufen möchtest, verwende bitte beim Auschecken den folgenden Rabattcode, um 100 € Rabatt auf VanMoof-Zubehör und PoM-Services zu erhalten:

Dein VanMoof Rabattcode: ADV-Y78Q-4S9G-HEM7

Ich habe bereits einen Artikel über die Gerüchte für das S3 / X3 Update bzw. eine mögliche Einführung von S4 / X4 verfasst (in Englisch oder Deutsch)

Am 7. April stellte sich heraus, dass die vorhandenen S3- und X3-Modelle aktualisiert wurden. Was hat sich also geändert, welche neuen Features hat das Rad bekommen ?

VanMoof X3 Refresh (2021) in Light — Matrixanzeige in eine verbesserte Farbe.
Credits: VanMoof

Die wichtigsten Verbesserungen, die VanMoof eingeführt hat:

  • Ein genauerer E-Shifter
  • Eine besser sichtbare Matrixanzeige (und eine verbesserte Farbe)
  • Präzise Standortverfolgung mit Apple Find My Network
Das e-mail von VanMoof

Last but not least gibt es weitere Verbesserungen an den Aktualisierungsmodellen, wie zum Beispiel:

  • verbesserte Verkabelung und neue Tasten
  • Kotflügel und Klappen
  • Radfarbene Designpedale

VanMoof hat außerdem ein neues Firmware-Update gesendet, das darauf hinweist, dass ein zweiter Akku vorhanden sein wird. Die Hardware des Aktualisierungsmodells unterstützt das Anbringen einer zweiten externen Batterie als Range Extender. Der Versionsverlauf der Firmware V. 0.1.07-BMS zeigt:

  • behebt das EMF-Problem
  • bereitet sich auf die zweite Batterie vor

*** Aktuelle Nachrichten ***
VanMoof enthüllte die PowerBank / Zweite Batterie / Range Extender

versehentlich auf YouTube. 😅 
Wir wissen nicht genau, ob es während der Fahrt oder nur während der Parkposition aufgeladen werden kann.

VanMoof PowerBank enthüllt am 15.04.21 — Quelle: YouTube
Das Design der PowerBank erinnert an die S1-Kettentasche — Quelle: FB

PowerBank ist schon auf versteckt.

45–100 km zusätzliche Reichweiter — Lädt voll in 3 Stunden — Kompatibel mit dem S3 & X3 — Leicht abnehmbar — [update 19.04] 2 Jahre Garantie — 3 Monate Wartezeit

Apple hat einen Artikel über Find My Network veröffentlicht, der jetzt Sucherfahrungen von Drittanbietern anzeigt.

Apple Find My Network auf verschiedenen Apple-Geräten — Credits: Apple

Bis heute unterstützte Apple FindMy das Hinzufügen und Auffinden von Apple-Geräten und -Personen mithilfe von anderen Apple-Geräten. Ab April 2021 wurde auch die Hardware von Drittanbietern Teil des Netzwerks.

Es gibt bereits einige Anbieter wie VanMoof, Chipolo und Belkin, die das U1 (unterstützt Ultra-Wideband-Technologie) in ihre Geräte integrieren.

Im folgenden Video siehst du wie es mit VanMoof funktionieren wird.Connecting the VanMoof S3 or X3 with the Apple Find My app — Credits: VanMoof

Soweit wir wissen, ist dieses Upgrade kein Ersatz für den Peace of Mind-Service von VanMoof, sondern eine zusätzliche Sicherheitsebene und eine einfache Möglichkeit, Ihr Fahrrad präzise zu lokalisieren.

VanMoof S3 und Apple Find My Netzwerk — Credits: Apple

Leider hat der VanMoof-Kundensupport (über die offiziellen Instagram– und Twitter– Social-Media-Konten) deutlich gemacht, dass ältere S3 / X3-Modelle nicht für die Funktion “Mein suchen” als Upgrade geeignet sind. Wir wissen noch nicht, ob es für die zweite Batterieerweiterung ähnlich sein wird.

Instagram post üder die Apple Find My integration

🚲 Wenn du ein S3 / X3 kaufen möchtest, verwende bitte beim Auschecken den folgenden Rabattcode, um 100 € Rabatt auf VanMoof-Zubehör und PoM-Services zu erhalten:

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VanMoof Powerbank 🔋 everything you need to know.

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All electric bikes from VanMoof have an integrated battery in the down tube of the frame. It’s fixed and can only be removed for servicing or replacement.

VanMoof S3 with Powerbank Accessory — image:

Until today it was only possible to charge the bicycles using the power adapter delivered with the bicycles. This power adapter is about 3,3 meters long, naturally, you need to plug one side to a power outlet in and the other side to the bicycle. The charging port of the bicycle is below the top tube.

Charger for S3/X3 (EU) — image:

Today (20.04.21), VanMoof revealed the long-expected Powerbank by updating the website. They also uploaded a couple of videos on Youtube such as a Powerbank advertisement and how to attach the Powerbank to the S3 or X3 which were already mentioned in this article.

VanMoof Powerbank — image:

As the VanMoof website claims: the removable PowerBank gives you up to 100 km extra range on your rides and makes it possible for you to charge your e-bike whenever, wherever.
Video Tutorial: How to install the Powerbank on a S3 by VanMoof

Features & Prices

  • 378Wh/36V
  • Range: 45–100 km extra range (full power — economy mode)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Charging time: 3 hours to charge 0–100%
  • Compatible with: VanMoof S3 & VanMoof X3
  • Easily removable
  • 2 year warranty
  • 🇪🇺 € 348 · 🇬🇧 £ 315 · 🇺🇸 $ 348 · 🇯🇵 ¥ n/a
VanMoof Powerbank Lock Dock
VanMoof Powerbank attach/remove
VanMoof Powerbank locked
VanMoof Powerbank Indicator
VanMoof Powerbank Pluggedin

Powerbank is probably a gamechanger because until today potential customers with no access to a power outlet were forced to pick another e-bike brand.

Now, owners can charge the Powerbank at any power outlet then attach it to the charging port of the bicycle, turn it on, and in about 3 hours they are going to have a fully charged VanMoof e-bike.

On the other hand, it’s also a dynamic range extender. According to the Verge review of the VanMoof Powerbank, it seems to be possible to charge the main battery while riding the bicycle. However there is one point to consider, the user should ride the bicycle in economy mode (assist levels 1–2) otherwise the consumption will always be higher than the supply the Powerbank provides.

To double the distance of your bicycle trips, the powerbank is essential. However it comes with long waiting times, today (20.04.21) delivery times are up to 10–12 weeks.

If this is the product, you were waiting for to jump on an S3 or X3 then better consider acting fast to give your bicycle order bundled with the powerbank.

Tip: To get €100 / $100 / £95 off on the Powerbank, Accessories, or Peace of Mind services on a new S3 or X3 order, copy the following VanMoof discount code and apply it during the checkout: 

Get your discount, apply the following code: ADV-Y78Q-4S9G-HEM7

Meanwhile, the internet is divided with different views, some owners are happy to have the extension capability, whereas others think that the addition of the powerbank doesn’t fit well with the overall beautiful design.

Additionally, the powerbank doesn’t support the previous models such as the S2 and X2. It is not clear whether the limitations are due to the electronics inside the smart cartridge or this is simply a marketing strategy to drop the support on older models to push sales of the newer models.

Anyway, we’ll learn more about the range after first deliveries and real world use of powerbank.

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VanMoof refreshes S3 and X3 with Apple Find My network integration  + 🔋

🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
Apply the VanMoof discount code below during checkout to get €100/$100/£95 off on Powerbank, Accessories & PoM services :

VanMoof S3 Refresh 2021 is here!

There is already an article about the rumors going around regarding the S3/X3 refresh or a possible S4/X4 introduction. Check the previous articles in German and English.

On April 7th, it turned out to be a refresh on the existing S3 and X3 models. So what has been changed, what kind of evolution the humble bike had?

Credits: VanMoof

The major improvements VanMoof implied in the official email received by some of the S3/X3 order owners are:

  • A more accurate E-shifter
  • A more visible Matrix Display (and an improved color)
  • Precise location tracking using the Apple Find My Network
the email from VanMoof

Last but not least there are other improvements on the refresh models such as:

  • improved cabling and new buttons
  • mudguards and flaps
  • body-colored, new design pedals

VanMoof also sent a new firmware update which indicated that there will be a second battery. The refresh model hardware supports the attachment of a second external battery as a range extender. The version history of the Firmware V. 0.1.07-BMS indicates:

  • fixes back EMF issue
  • prepares for the second battery

VanMoof revealed the PowerBank / Second Battery / Range Extender
on YouTube but by mistake. 😅 
We don’t know exactly if it can charge during the ride or only while the bicycle is in park position.

VanMoof PowerBank revealed on 15.04.21 — Source: VanMoof YouTube
The design of the PowerBank reminds the S1 chain bag — Source: FB

Apple published an article about Find My network now offers new third-party finding experiences.

Apple Find My Network on different Apple devices — Credits: Apple

Until today, Apple FindMy was supporting to add and locate Apple Devices and Persons using Apple devices. Starting from April 2021, 3rd party hardware also became part of the network.

There are already some vendors like VanMoof, Chipolo, and Belkin, integrating the U1 (supports Ultra-Wideband Technology) into their devices.

How it’s going to work with VanMoof, watch the video below.Connecting the VanMoof S3 or X3 with the Apple Find My app — Credits: VanMoof

As far as we know, this upgrade is not a replacement for the VanMoof’s Peace of Mind service, but an additional layer of security and an easy way to precisely locate your bicycle.

VanMoof S3 and Apple Find My network — Credits: Apple

Sadly, VanMoof customer support made it clear (over the official Instagram and Twitter social media accounts) that older S3/X3 models are not suitable to have the Find My feature as an upgrade. We don’t know yet, whether it will be the same for the second battery extension.

Instagram post about the Apple Find My integration

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Almanya’da Yatırım Yapmak; Hisse Senedi, ETF, Varant Alım Satımı

Almanya’da yatırım yapmak için, ilk önce bir banka hesabına ihtiyacınız olacak, size tavsiyem Almanya’da Banka Seçimleri yazısını okumanızdır. Pek vaktiniz yoksa, hesabınızı buraya tıklayarak açabilirsiniz.

Paranızı değerlendirmek için kullanabileceğiniz belli başlı yatırım araçlarından haberdarsınız. Bunlardan en çok kullanılanları; hisse senetleri (Aktien), ETF (Exchange Traded Funds – Borsa Yatırım Fonları) ve Varantlar (Optionsschein)’dır. Eğer bu araçları ve nasıl kullanıldıklarını bilmiyorsanız, o zaman size tavsiyem, bu yatırım elemanlarının nasıl kullanıldığını öğrenmeniz olacaktır. Aksi taktirde farkında olmadan, yanlış bir talimat vererek, para kaybına neden olabilirsiniz.

Ama hayır, zaten bu araçlardan haberdarsınız ve alım/satım yapmak istiyorsunuz. O zaman bir depo (Depot) açmanız gerekecek, hesabınız hangi bankada olursa olsun farketmeksizin Depot üzerinden, ya da Trade Republic üzerinden deponuzu açabilirsiniz.

Deponuzu bu bağlantılar üzerinden açarsanız, belli avantajlara sahip olacaksınız. Örneğin, Trade Republic üzerinden ilk alım/satımı gerçekleştirdiğiniz zaman 15€ gibi bir avans, benzer şekilde Depot ile ilk 10 alım/satım işleminde indirim kazanırsınız.

Her iki platformda da yukarıda bahsedilen yatırım araçlarını bulabilecek ve paranızı değerlendirmeye başlayabileceksiniz.

Ancak, dikkat etmeniz gereken bir husus daha var. Yatırım yaptığınız araçlardan kazanç sağlarsanız, o zaman Almanya’da belli yüzdeler ile vergi ödemeniz gerekecektir. Örneğin, hisse senetlerinden kazanılan karın %25 gibi bir bölümü satım işlemi yapılırken, vergi olarak kesilecektir.

Almanya’da yasal olarak oturuma sahip her bireyin yıllık olarak 801 € vergiden muaf olarak kazanç sağlama imkanı vardır. Ancak dikkat ediniz, bu vergi muafiyetine sahip olmak için bankanız ya da deponuz üzerinden “Freistellungsauftrag” yapmanız gerekecektir. Bunu unutmamanızı tavsiye ederim.

Günümüzde popüler yatırım araçlarından bir diğeri de kripto para birimleridir. Vergilendirme açısından da daha avantajlı olan bu yatırım aracını tercih ederseniz, o zaman Kripto Para – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ve diğerleri yazısını okuyabilirsiniz.

Some Tips for Bodrum

Here you will find some tips for Bodrum!

Bodrum Trip – Interactive Google Maps with Tips
Created on Aug 12, 2011 · By Aydin Can

Bodrum Kalesi
So this is the most focus landmark in Bodrum, as the name refers it’s the Bodrum castle, it was built in 1402 today used as the Underwater Archaeology Museum. You may also check the summer program, sometimes there are concerts, dance shows, etc. For more information, opening hours and fees:

Entrance to Barlar Sokağı
Barlar Sokağı = Street of Bars 🙂 here you can walk the 2km long, the most famous street of Bodrum, where you can find shops, local and international restaurants and clubs, discos and bars.

Halikarnas Disco
This is one of the most famous discotheque of Bodrum, everynight has a different subject such as ladies nights, foam party night, all you can drink etc.

Antique Amphitheatre
I guess the name say it all. You should check and inform yourself about the summer program as well as attend to a show or concert here.

Dedeman Aquapark
If you love water-slides and tide pools than it’s the best place in Bodrum to have fun for opening hours and the fees check this link:

Yalıkavak Marina
One of the newest structures in Yalıkavak, it’s a very nice environment with little interesting shops, a supermarket and good restaurants. You don’t need to have a yacht to enter but the yachts you see may make want one. 🙂 In Port Marina Yalıkavak, you can attend concerts as well.

Windmills and Yalıkavak Scene
One of the best spots to stop and take some photos with the Yalıkavak View behind, you will also find three windmills which are the symbols of Yalıkavak here.

Here you will find a nice windmill, they are the symbols of Yalıkavak, you will even see it in the logos of the district. This windmill is privately owned and changed in to a little souvenirs shop.

Kavaklı Köfteci
Here you will find one of the nicest restaurants of the town, where you can enjoy specially prepared meatballs with a delicious bread and ayran (special Turkish jogurt drink), the restaurant also has a website but just in Turkish language

Viyana için öneriler | Tips for Vienna

Eğer Viyana’da ne yapılır bilmiyorsanız, hazırladığım interaktif haritalara bir göz atabilirsiniz.
If you don’t know what to do in Vienna, take a look at my interactive map with tips for various places of the city.

Vienna Trip – Interactive Google Maps with Tips
Created on Oct 4 · By Aydin Can

Türkçe – Geleneksel bir Avusturya lokantası, ünlü Wienerschnitzel’i (yani ‘vom Kalb’ derler, Türkçesi dana demek) buraya yiyebilirsiniz. Güzel biralarıda mevcut! Bir hususa dikkat etmekte fayda var, Avusturya’da Wienerschnitzel’in yanında ketçap ya da mayonez istemek biraz kabalık sayılıyor. Açılış Kapanış Saatleri, Telefon ve Fiyatlar için
English – Traditional Austrian Restaurant, you can enjoy the traditional Wienerschnitzel (which is ‘vom Kalb’ means from calf. They also offer good beer here! One thing to notice, it’s kind of unpolite to ask for ketchup or mayonaise as a side for Wienerschnitzel. 🙂 For opening hours, contact info and prices visit

Glacis Beisl
Türkçe – Gulaş canınız çekerse o zaman buraya gidin. Glacis Beisl, geniş alan demek tarihi bir anlam taşıyor. Güzel bir şarap eşliğinde Gulaş’ın tadını çıkarın derim, küçük porsiyon ile yetinmeyeceksiniz. Buraya giderken MuseumQuartier’in içine girip yukarıya doğru çıkan merdivenleri arka sokağa çıkana kadar izleyin. Daha fazla bilgi için
English – A perfect place to eat Gulasch and enjoy some wine. Go a head follow the stairs up in the MuseumsQuartier and find yourself on the street behind it. I am sure the small plate of Gulash will not be enough. For more information follow

Mraz und Sohn ★★★
Türkçe – Burası ilginç bir restoran, çok sınırlı sayıda masası olan, içerisinde göreceğiniz her parçanın özel bir dizayna sahip olduğu ve özel bir dizayn ile yerleştirildiğini hemen farkedeceksiniz. Restoranın sahibi, yemekleri yapıyor, hergün menüleri eliyle yazıyor. Kesinlikle özel hissedeceğiniz bir mekan. Önceden rezervasyon yaptırmayı sakın unutmayın. Restoranda sayısız şarap ve peynir çeşitleri bulunuyor. Damak tadınız sorulur ona göre servis ediliyor. Ancak güzel bir akşam geçirmek için 150-250 euroyu gözden çıkarmalısınız.
English – very interesting restaurant with limited amount of seats, well design and careful handwork. The owner of the restaurant is cooking for you and writing the menü every single day by hand. You will feel different for sure. The restaurant has many different choices for cheese and wine, you will be served according to your taste. Mind that you give 150-250 euros for this unique expierence.

Türkçe – Botanik bahçesinin içinde, upuzun palmiye agaçlarıyla çevrili bir şekilde taze deniz ürünleri tadmak isterseniz o zaman buraya uğralamalısınız. Burggarten (saraybahçesi) içerisinde Schmetterlinghaus’un (kelebek evi) yanında yer alan bu restoran gidilmeye değer. Dahası için
English – If you wish to enjoy some fresh seafood while surrounded by the palm trees in Wien, here is the address that you should visit. It’s located in the Burggarten next to the Schmetterlinghaus. Awesometastic. For more information

Mozart Cafe
Türkçe – Bir fincan Türk kahvesi yanında lokum ve su, belki bir de geleneksel Avusturya tatlısı (bence Mozarttorte ya da Sacher) yemeyi kim istemez? O zaman doğru adres burası.. Daha fazlası
English – Would you like to have some Turkish cafe served with a Lokum and some water, maybe also a desert (such as Mozarttorte or Sacher) from Austria. Here is the right address for you.. For more

Cafe Restaurant Landtmann
Türkçe – Saray tiyatrosunun yanında belediye sarayının tam karşısında ki bu Cafe Viyana’nın en ünlü cafelerinden.. gidin görün bir çay kahve içip elmalı turta tadın (apfelkuchen)! Dahası
English – Right next to the Burgtheater, opposite of the Rathaus, you will see the famous Cafe Landtmann of Vienna. Go there drink coffee or tea and taste the Applecake (apfelkuchen). More

Motto am Fluss
Türkçe – Hava güzel ve güneşliyse, Tuna nehrinin kenarında güzel bir hamburger yiyerek zaman geçirmek için seçilebilecek en güzel yer! Motto Burger’i deneyin derim ama Medium olsun.. Web sitesi
English – If the weather is nice and sunny, the best place to spend sometime while enjoying a hamburger next to the Danube is this place! Try ‘Medium’ grilled Motto Burger. Web address

Beachbar Herrmann
Türkçe – Akşam üstü bir kaç kokteyl içip rahatlamak isterseniz buraya gelebilirsiniz, Mojito’yu deneyebilirsiniz ama size tavsiyem yeşil limonlu 8cl cin tonik..
English – Visit here to relax in the evening while enjoying some cocktails.. You may try the Mojito but my suggestion is 8cl gin tonic with limejuice..

Club Flex
Türkçe – Her akşam farklı tarzda müziklerin çalındığı Club Flex, gece dışarı çıkmak isteyenler için birebir..
English – Club Flex offers various kinds of Music every night.. It’s definitely a good choice to go out at night..

Wein & Co.
Türkçe – Eğer şarap içmek isterseniz ve farklı bir deneyim yaşamak isterseniz, o zaman burası iyi bir alternatif. Wein & Co. raflarda dizili şaraplardan istediğiniz seçin daha sonra satın alıp restoran ya da bar kısmına yönelin. Yemek menüleri çok geniş değil ancak şarabınızın yanında aperatifler bulabileceksiniz. Viyana’da bir çok sayıda Wein & Co. var ben buradaydım ama diğerlerini siz keşfedebilirsiniz.
English – If you wish to drink wine and have different wine drinking experience than Wein & Co. is a good address to stop by. Get your wine from the wine shelves and go directly to the restaurant or to the bar parts. You can enjoy your wine with different side dishes there. Wein & Co. has many more locations in Vienna, it’s up to you to explore them. Enjoy.

Tips for Istanbul

If you don’t know what to do in Istanbul, take a look at my interactive map with tips for various places of Istanbul.

İstanbul Trip – Interactive Google Maps with Tips
Created on Oct 6, 2010 · By Aydin Can

Breakfast @ Bosphorus
Here is a nice restaurant called Sütiş, the opportunity to have a wonderful breakfast. I suggest you to eat “Karışık Menemen”.

Walk 4 FSM @ Bosphorus
FSM, Fatih Sultan Mehmet stands for the name of the 2nd bosphorus bridge in town. Here after your breakfast I advice you to have a walk and watch the beautiful FSM bridge.

Breakfast @ Ortaköy
Here in Ortaköy you will find wonderful cafes, restaurants to stay, chill, eat and enjoy. With the beautiful sea view enriched by the Ortaköy Mosque at the side. Take some photos with the Bosphorus Bridge and Ortaköy Mosque in the background. Magically all photos seems really nice at this location.

Bosphorus Boat Tour
Here is the location where you can take a Bosphorus Boat Tour, it is a nice 1-hour trip the boat goes till FSM bridge and returns back. Costs approximately 5€ per person. However there is no guidance, so you should take your Istanbul Guide with you.

Night Life in İstanbul is cool
I strongly advice you to go to Reina, it’s a very nice night club. In top 3 locations for night life. Remind the dresscode, so take care of your outfit and shoes.

Dolmabahçe Place – a must see
Here you will find Dolmabahçe Place, the largest place in Turkey, very nice place to see and witness the close history. Here you will find scenes from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s (founder of the modern republic of Turkey) life.
Dolmabahçe place also has the biggest chandelier in Europe. The entrance costs around 10€ per person and has a english guided tour included.

Smoking Waterpipe?
Another Turkish tradition finds itself a new identity here in Tophane. The district where you will find many Nargile (waterpipe) Houses. I don’t advice you to try Alibaba VIP, try somewhere else.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum
There is a nice museum with different exhibitions. Here is the website to check what’s up? If you like the exhibition give it a try.

İstinye Park Shopping Mall
The biggest shopping mall in Europe. Very nice place if you like shopping you will love İstinyePark. While you are visiting, go upstairs to find GoMongo a mongolian restaurant and try the mongolian barbeque. For lunch or dinner.

İstanbul Modern Art Museum
Great! a-must-see Check the web to get more information, here is the link:

Taksim Square
I advice you to go to roof of Marmara Hotel and enjoy the view. You can also go to Kitchenette restaurant for a lunch, its right under the Marmara Hotel. Remember to take a walk through the İstiklal Street.

Istiklal Street
This is the beginning of the street, a nice location to see people, shops, restaurants, cafes, churchs, mosques and sinogogs. You will see the historic tram of Taksim here get it for a short trip. Follow this street till the end where you will find the Fanicular (first metro of Europe) and remember that you should take it.

Fanicular (first metro of Europe)
So this is the first Metro of Europe. Take it to go to Galata Tower.

Galata Tower
Istanbul from top, take this opportunity and visit Galata Tower it’s a-must-see. Costs about 5€ per person to take the elevator. You can also spent an evening here. Between 20-24 there are shows in the restaurant on top.

Galata Bridge
You can take a walk to see the fisherman fishing and the Golden Horn. (Haliç)

Take the Tram
Here you can take the tram to the direction Zeytinburnu in order to reach Sultanahmet, place where you will find the mosques and the basilica cistern. One way costs 50cents per person.

Hagia Sofia Mosque
Here is the famous Hagia Sofia Mosque Museum, one person costs 10€ for a visit.

Remember the mosque is open for visit until 16:00.

Sultanahmet Mosque
Here is the Sultanahmet Mosque, entrance is free, remember that it’s a must-see location. I believe you will like it.

Basilica Cistern
Here is a interesting location to see, a visit costs 5€ per person. Very nice location, you can see statues of Medusa at the end of your tour inside.

The Grand Bazaar
I haven’t seen any other indoor bazaar like this one before. You can find really nice local jewellery, leather, carpets and any other products here. The prices are relatively acceptable but in any case worth to bargain.

Rumeli Hisarı and Museum
Here you can find the ruins of a castle. It’s very nice to watch the bosbhorus from here. There is museum located inside the walls. I haven’t been there but heard that it’s very nice.

Fish 4 Dinner?
If you want to eat some fish for dinner. You can try the “Babalık” restaurant which is located right at this spot. Remember to talk to them in advance and agree on the price of the fish that you’d like to eat and tell them that you deny paying service and kuver. 🙂 Right in front of the restaurant under the triangular roof a fish market is located. So you can see the prices and types of fishes in advance. Rakı & Barbun is a good choice!

Leb-i Derya Bar Resturant
On this street there is a very nice Bar Restaurant called Leb-i Derya where you can have a nice dinner, enjoying the great view. I strongly recommend you to go there. Reserving a table in advance would be really good.

Topkapi Palace
a-must-see words are not enough 🙂

Sirkeci Railway Station
This is the railway station on the European side of İstanbul.

Haydarpasa Railway Station
This is an old very nice trainstation on the Asian side of İstanbul. You can watch this

Bağdat Caddesi
so called Bağdat Street is a very long street with lots of street side shops, restaurants, cafes and many more. You can have nice walks here worth to see.

Anadolu Hisarı
This one looks like Rumeli Hisarı, ruins of a castle but a smaller version of it. Nice neighbourhood and nice place to see.

This neighbourhood is very nice to see local tea houses and fish restaurants. To come here you can simply take the boat from the opposite coast.

A nice location to spend some time during the day, you can have a walk from Emirgan till Bebek than rest in one of the very elegant restaurants to regain energy. Around Bebek is one of the higher class parts of İstanbul, so price are a little higher too.

Nice place to see. There are old style horse cars in this area so you have a nice ride within the island.

Çamlıca TV Tower
To see the city from top, give it a try here in Çamlıca TV tower.

Kız Kulesi
a-must-see you can take boats to here from both sides of bosbhorus.

Anadolu Feneri
Here you can see the Marmara and the Black Sea, if you are lucky you may also see the ships coming from Black Sea to pass the Bosporus

Hamburg’u gezmek

Madem Almanya’ya geliyorsunuz başka ülkelere gitmenize gerek yok. Hamburg’dan başlayacaksanız geziye o zaman mutlaka Hamburg’u gezin çok güzel yerler var.

Ben buradan size bir kaç öneri yazmaya çalışayım.

Hamburg Sanat Müzesinde çok güzel sergiler oluyor, gelmeden 1-2 hafta önce bakın

Hamburg’a gelince zaten Rathaus (city hall) ve çevresini gezersiniz.

Rathaus’a 10-15 dakika yürüme mesafesinde St. Nicolas kilisesi var. Kilisenin kulesine çıkıp tüm şehri tepeden izleyebilirsiniz. Hamburg II. Dünya Savaşında bir gece boyu bombalanmış ve tüm şehir yanmış o gece 50000den fazla insan hayatını kaybetmiş. Kilisenin içerisindeki müzeyi gezebilirsiniz, genelde herşey o konuya odaklanmış.

Hamburg Almanya’nın en büyük liman kenti olduğundan mutlaka tekneyle bir Elbe turu yapmalısınız.

Şehrin içinde bir bölüm var, HafenCity (liman kenti) diye geçiyor oraları gezin, kırmızı tuğladan yapılmış bir sürü bina kanallarla ayrılmış. Aynı bölgeye Emporio diye bir bina var, zaten göreceksiniz en yüksek bina, tepesine Fazıl Say çıkıp piyano çalmıştır. 🙂

Eğer model trenler ilginizi çekerse, kesinlikle Miniatur Wunderland’a gidin, süper! Bir sürü Avrupa ülkesinin model model uygulamaları var. 5-10 euro bir giriş ücreti vardır, görmeye değer. Hemen Miniatur Wunderland’ın yanında çok ünlü bir cafe var, ilginç bir ortamı vardır, her yerde kahve çuvalları falan var, kahveleri direk orada öğütüyorlar. Değişik bir hikayesi vardı, ben şimdi unuttum ama siz gidince öğrenip, hafızamı tazelersiniz.

Şehrin içerisinde savaş zamanından kalmış Bunker’lar (uçaksavar) var ben ilk gördüğümde tüylerim diken diken olmuştu. Gidip onların içerisini gezebilirsiniz.

Hamburg’un ünlü redlight bölgesinin adı Reeperbahn oraya gidip görebilirsiniz bir gece, ama bazı hikayeler duydum, yanınıza kadınlar oturursa içki ısmarlamayın, 100er 200er giydiriyorlarmış.

Gece hayatının en canlı olduğu yerinin adı ‘Schanzenviertel’ orada eğlenebileceğiniz güzel barlar, diskolar var. Size tavsiyem ‘die herren simpel’ diye bir bar var, cuma ya da ctesi günü oraya gidip mutlaka ‘Mojito’ içmeniz!

Bir kaç tane restoran önerebilirim. Güzel bir brezilya restoranı biliyorum adı ‘panthera rodizio’ orada 35euroya falan sınırsız menüler var. Sınırsız ve lezzetli Et yemek isterseniz, mutlaka uğrayın ama rezervasyon yaptırmadan gitmeyin, yer bulunmuyor. Restoran’ın havasıda çok hoşunuza gidecek. Rathaus’un orda bir ortadoğu lokantası vardı benim gittiğim, çok güzel yemekleri vardı ama biraz tuzluydu. Gidince civardaki insanlara sorarsanız gösteriler eminim ki. Birde Rathaus’un oralarda yine çok ünlü bir cafe var, rathaus’u karşınıza alıp, sağ taraftaki sokağa doğru yürüdüğünüz de göreceksiniz. Böyle mansende gibi bir yer.

Ben şehri gezdim gezdim ama bitiremedim malesef.

Yine Hamburg’dan aklıma gelenler oldukça yazarım.