This ebike 🚲 is all you need in the city: VanMoof S3

🚲 If you consider buying an S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout and get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: 

I am writing the same things over and over again. How I saw that advertisement online, there were no photos but renders. Yes, just some renders and text about the features. I was amazed it was really like a Tesla on two wheels, gave the order. I am riding this bicycle for 3 years now and it’s a VanMoof.

I am living in a hilly town, even has a song about being hilly, called “Tübingen, warum bist du so hügelig”. Yes, live in a hilly town and have a constant fad to commute to work by bike. The only problem was to ride up the hills early mornings and down the hills in the evenings. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting sweaty arriving home but not the other way around.

To find it out you need to try it. So did I and it wasn’t fun. The hardest part was going up an altitude of 155 meters in about 1500 meters ride.

Therefore I ordered my first eBike. A piece of tech. Design masterpiece. Whole package! No need to buy extra lights, fenders, a bell, or a lock. So during the time between the order and the delivery, I was continuously raising my hopes and expectations higher and higher.

It was January 2019 when I greeted the UPS guy. Well, UPS wasn’t that famous in European VM communities at that time, but the VanMoof bike boxes with the TV on them. Those boxes were pretty famous, and I had one of them. A bike box with a TV picture on. You can read the story here TV, or not TV? A year later, UPS caught a trend yet the vibes were negative.

Unboxing Electrified S2
Unboxing S3
Attaching the Motor Cable of S3

The bike was delivered in one piece, with no hassle like the front wheel installation (Just check the videos above, you’ll understand what I mean). I aligned the handlebar, put the pedals on, registered the bike, made the adjustments while charging it. The whole unpack and set up experience was like: wow! iPhone App, wow! registration, cool! it also has speed and light settings, wow! Matrix display, yeah! kicklock & touch unlock.

Long story short, I had zero hesitation, no regrets. My expectations were already fulfilled, right after I took my first spin. I told myself I should show this bicycle to the world. So mouth a GoPro on the top tube and started to make videos like this.

The song in this video was picked by VanMoof

Using the Electrified S2, I can go anywhere in my town and within the 30–40 km vicinity. Up and down, back and forth, summer, winter, spring or autumn. Without breaking a sweat. I continued to experiment on every possible hill and road. Conclusion was Electrified S2 is more than sufficient for my town.

S3 and Electrified S2 side by side

When VanMoof S3 came out in April 2020. I pre-ordered it. I planned to sell the Electrified S2. I used them both for 3 months long, compared them every day, and at the end kept the Electrified S2. A year VanMoof refreshed the S3 and X3with features like;  Apple’s Find My integration, Powerbank, e-Shifter, pedals, buttons and convinced me to order a refreshed S3. This time my plan is to keep them both.

VanMoof S3 Refresh 2021 has a lot of (hidden) power! 🔥

I am getting a lot of questions, especially about VanMoof S3’s performance on tacking hills. I don’t know any other bicycle which looks so good, comes with everything you (toolbox, pump, lights, lock, alarm, mudguards, etc) need out of the box and has a longer range with a lot of power.

VanMoof S3 Tacking the Hills of Stuttgart @ Weinsteige

If you live in the city and want to have a bicycle to commute to work or daily cycling, and weekend tours then all you need is a VanMoof. S3/X3 is stronger and faster, tech-wise offers more also allows you to extend your ride using the Powerbank but S2/X2 is still sufficient and helps you avoid sweating while keeping you fitter. You can still attach an AirTag and use Find My to locate your Electrifie S2/X2.

How to use retrofit an AirTag & use Find My with other VanMoof models?

If you can order a VanMoof in your country then you have will 14 days to test it out and if you are still not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund and get your money back within 14 days after it is returned. Check returns for more information.

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🚲 If you consider buying an S3/X3, use the following discount code during checkout and get €100/$100/£95 off on VanMoof accessories & PoM services: