Vanmoof it, Moof it! ‘Electrified S2’

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Vanmoof. The coolest bike that I’ve ever seen. Ordered it without seeing it in real 🙈 no test rides.

Last year summer, while I was surfing the web I came across to an advert. I said ‘wow!’ to myself. Usually I don’t click adverts but this time I had to make an exception.

An awesome design, great features, high-tech stuff, to keep it short: what a bicycle? It’s called Vanmoof Electrified S2.

OK, the price was not cheap (it was advertised for early bird 2599 and it was written that the list price is gonna be 3399 euros). It was too late, the devil was already sitting on my shoulder. I searched videos of the bicycle online. There was only one video from Vanmoof Electrified S2 since it was even not in production yet. However, I could find many of them from the previous version, Electrified S.

It was also great. I told it to myself (or the devil in me) you should have it. Now (while I am writing this post), just checked the confirmation email, on June 28th, 2018 I gave the order.

The pre-order required an advanced payment of 100 euros, which I could get back if I would have changed my mind.

The delivery was shown as Jan/Feb 2019 and surely, I was one of the early early birds.

Worth the wait. Waiting was actually exciting too. Nov 16th, 2018 I received the email for final payment. I had to pay the rest amount, a.k.a 2499 euros. Puhh. It was a hard click ‚pay‘, I thought if I don’t like the bike, I can always send it back in the first 30 days and get a full refund.

Almost half a year later from the reservation day; Jan 24th, 2019 I received a shipment email and there it was, delivered at my door on Jan 28th, 2019.

In a box with a huge TV image on it, what a brilliant ‘strategic product innovation’. There is an article out there, speaking of how Vanmoof minimised the delivery (especially in the United States) damages of their bikes. Since the carriers are being more gentle to a TV set rather than a bicycle.

I am living in a university town, where there are many bicycles. I am sure there are very nice ones but there is only one Vanmoof Electrified S2. 😅

Vanmoof Electrified S2 is a electric bicycle or pedelec as they say in Germany. It can support the rider up to 25km/h in Europe and 32km/h in the US. This Europe/United States change can be set via its mobile phone app. Download iOS and Android.

How the app looks like? Watch the video:

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How to take good care of your Vanmoof?

Let’s pay attention to what users are speaking about Electrified S and S2 in the www.

  • Follow Vanmoof on Twitter 😉
  • Crankshaft is prone to loosening (it may also create a ‘woobling’ feeling while pedalling).
  • Disk brakes need constant adjustment (lets say every 100 kms) and make a scraping sound which can’t be avoided.
  • ☝️ this can help as well

  • It has a noise chain guard when it’s wet. Make sure the chain is not lubricated more than necessary otherwise it will attract more muck and make more noise.
  • Update your iOS or Android app also check the latest version of your bicycle’s firmware, if it’s old and you see no update available then contact the customer support, via twitter or website.

  • Keep tyres properly inflated; they tend to lose some pressure even when not punctured and this KILLS economy and thus range.
  • Periodically make sure all bolts are tightened – especially handlebar head bolt.
  • Check lights turn on/off correctly; the light sensor can become oversensitive.
  • If your rear gearbox (SRAM Automatix) starts to make cracking noises (defective) or change up/down inconsistently (adjustment) it’s time to get it checked.

  • Your LBS can do this, or there are plenty of vids on Youtube.
  • Apart from this the only issues with ES17s tend to be electronic: Err29s and so on which you can’t ‘maintain’ your way out of.
  • Make friends with your local VM store and you’ll be fine because VM service is outstanding.

some photo credits: Vanmoof

🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ? 
Apply the VanMoof discount code below during checkout to get €100/$100/£95 off on Powerbank, Accessories & PoM services : 

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