VanMoof S4/X4. Will VanMoof reinvent the matrix display?

VanMoof S4/X4. Will VanMoof reinvent the matrix display?

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More and more bicycle producers are bringing e-bike versions out and making their products compatible with the Internet of Things.

VanMoof is one of the frontiers, starting with the smart bikes, now and then they are implementing newer features in their lineup of bicycles, like their recently refreshed S3 and X3 models, with Apple Find My integration .

Integrating the latest technologies points the focus on the interfaces the bicycles are offering to the users. Most people still prefer, jump and ride rather than dealing with complications.

Simplest example; buttons.

The bell button should ring the bell. One button, one feature, nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand, tech-oriented riders may wish to have additional intuitive approaches, like the long press, double press.

How about the feedback you receive? Do you wish to receive sounds, tones, haptic or visual feedback? When we increase the features, we increase the complexity, therefore the complexity in usability.

The best practice is to address the essential senses of the user while interacting with the device. In this decade the best user experience is through displays, displays with a proper user interfaces.

Let’s take a quick look at the current options out there with respect to the displays and apps the bicycle manufacturers are offering.

Angell offers a dedicated display, which is integrated into the handlebar.

Angell app, together with the integrated display is quite nice. The app connects to the bicycle and works with the integrated display in harmony. Users can start the music on the phone then control it via the integrated display. Similarly, add a destination in the navigation and follow the instructions over the display. The integrated display also serves as a gym bike display if you like, so you can say burn 300 calories or ride for 30 minutes and watch the progress over the display.

Cowboy 4 offers a phone dock with wireless charging integrated into the handlebar.

Cowboy 3 is equipped with a battery indicator on the top tube but no display, the company wants their riders to download their official app.

Cowboy App Illustration

The Cowboy app supports the bike with features like on/off, lights, assist levels, cockpit view (speed, battery %, distance, duration), and navigation. The illustration above is from Cowboy 4 (available in September), seems like they redesigned the stem and moved the battery indicator also introduced a built-in quad lock with a wireless charging unit. Just like it’s shown the user will put their phone on the bike and also use it as a control center. Controls, navigation, activity, connections, leaderboards. Sounds like seamless integration and people will love it.

VanMoof offers a matrix display integrated into the top tube.

VanMoof, how about VanMoof? The top tube indicator was there since smart bikes. Battery indicator combined with speedometer. S2/X2 models are the first time the matrix display was introduced, an seamless integrated unique design with S3/X3 they improved it.

The matrix display indicates different states of the bike such as on/off, lock/unlock/alarm, connected/disconnected, assist levels, localization selections, gear, battery indicator, and last but not least the speed. The latest VanMoofs models also have speakers which support the visual interaction with sound effects.

VanMoof App Illustartion

There is also an official iOS and Android app, for displaying the current location of the bike (this is misleading since the bike’s location is the location of the phone when connected to the bike), rides (this is pretty inaccurate), settings (assist, local, alarm, unlock, light), help (FAQs, error codes, video tutorials), and bikes (switch between other VMs). However no navigation, activity integration, social options like leaderboards, etc.

Extending VanMoof’s Matrix Display

Matrix display is a unique feature of the VanMoof bicycles and with refresh models, it is also readable under direct sunlight. However, while staring at the top tube the rider may lose focus. Matrix display should stay but should be relocated, especially if VanMoof decides to extend the app into a dashboard.

Relocating the Matrix Display to the handle bar ?

If the mobile phone will serve as the main display with VM or 3rd party apps, maybe having the matrix display next to the handles/buttons integrated into the handlebar would be a good idea. In the example below, matrix displays show relevant button function while the dashboard is attached.

Mobile phone as the dashboard, matrix display divided between handles.

Please share your ideas over Instagram or Twitter.

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VanMoof aktualisiert S3 und X3 mit Apple Find My Network Integration  + 🔋

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Ich habe bereits einen Artikel über die Gerüchte für das S3 / X3 Update bzw. eine mögliche Einführung von S4 / X4 verfasst (in Englisch oder Deutsch)

Am 7. April stellte sich heraus, dass die vorhandenen S3- und X3-Modelle aktualisiert wurden. Was hat sich also geändert, welche neuen Features hat das Rad bekommen ?

VanMoof X3 Refresh (2021) in Light — Matrixanzeige in eine verbesserte Farbe.
Credits: VanMoof

Die wichtigsten Verbesserungen, die VanMoof eingeführt hat:

  • Ein genauerer E-Shifter
  • Eine besser sichtbare Matrixanzeige (und eine verbesserte Farbe)
  • Präzise Standortverfolgung mit Apple Find My Network
Das e-mail von VanMoof

Last but not least gibt es weitere Verbesserungen an den Aktualisierungsmodellen, wie zum Beispiel:

  • verbesserte Verkabelung und neue Tasten
  • Kotflügel und Klappen
  • Radfarbene Designpedale

VanMoof hat außerdem ein neues Firmware-Update gesendet, das darauf hinweist, dass ein zweiter Akku vorhanden sein wird. Die Hardware des Aktualisierungsmodells unterstützt das Anbringen einer zweiten externen Batterie als Range Extender. Der Versionsverlauf der Firmware V. 0.1.07-BMS zeigt:

  • behebt das EMF-Problem
  • bereitet sich auf die zweite Batterie vor

*** Aktuelle Nachrichten ***
VanMoof enthüllte die PowerBank / Zweite Batterie / Range Extender

versehentlich auf YouTube. 😅 
Wir wissen nicht genau, ob es während der Fahrt oder nur während der Parkposition aufgeladen werden kann.

VanMoof PowerBank enthüllt am 15.04.21 — Quelle: YouTube
Das Design der PowerBank erinnert an die S1-Kettentasche — Quelle: FB

PowerBank ist schon auf versteckt.

45–100 km zusätzliche Reichweiter — Lädt voll in 3 Stunden — Kompatibel mit dem S3 & X3 — Leicht abnehmbar — [update 19.04] 2 Jahre Garantie — 3 Monate Wartezeit

Apple hat einen Artikel über Find My Network veröffentlicht, der jetzt Sucherfahrungen von Drittanbietern anzeigt.

Apple Find My Network auf verschiedenen Apple-Geräten — Credits: Apple

Bis heute unterstützte Apple FindMy das Hinzufügen und Auffinden von Apple-Geräten und -Personen mithilfe von anderen Apple-Geräten. Ab April 2021 wurde auch die Hardware von Drittanbietern Teil des Netzwerks.

Es gibt bereits einige Anbieter wie VanMoof, Chipolo und Belkin, die das U1 (unterstützt Ultra-Wideband-Technologie) in ihre Geräte integrieren.

Im folgenden Video siehst du wie es mit VanMoof funktionieren wird.Connecting the VanMoof S3 or X3 with the Apple Find My app — Credits: VanMoof

Soweit wir wissen, ist dieses Upgrade kein Ersatz für den Peace of Mind-Service von VanMoof, sondern eine zusätzliche Sicherheitsebene und eine einfache Möglichkeit, Ihr Fahrrad präzise zu lokalisieren.

VanMoof S3 und Apple Find My Netzwerk — Credits: Apple

Leider hat der VanMoof-Kundensupport (über die offiziellen Instagram– und Twitter– Social-Media-Konten) deutlich gemacht, dass ältere S3 / X3-Modelle nicht für die Funktion “Mein suchen” als Upgrade geeignet sind. Wir wissen noch nicht, ob es für die zweite Batterieerweiterung ähnlich sein wird.

Instagram post üder die Apple Find My integration

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VanMoof Powerbank 🔋 everything you need to know.

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All electric bikes from VanMoof have an integrated battery in the down tube of the frame. It’s fixed and can only be removed for servicing or replacement.

VanMoof S3 with Powerbank Accessory — image:

Until today it was only possible to charge the bicycles using the power adapter delivered with the bicycles. This power adapter is about 3,3 meters long, naturally, you need to plug one side to a power outlet in and the other side to the bicycle. The charging port of the bicycle is below the top tube.

Charger for S3/X3 (EU) — image:

Today (20.04.21), VanMoof revealed the long-expected Powerbank by updating the website. They also uploaded a couple of videos on Youtube such as a Powerbank advertisement and how to attach the Powerbank to the S3 or X3 which were already mentioned in this article.

VanMoof Powerbank — image:

As the VanMoof website claims: the removable PowerBank gives you up to 100 km extra range on your rides and makes it possible for you to charge your e-bike whenever, wherever.
Video Tutorial: How to install the Powerbank on a S3 by VanMoof

Features & Prices

  • 378Wh/36V
  • Range: 45–100 km extra range (full power — economy mode)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Charging time: 3 hours to charge 0–100%
  • Compatible with: VanMoof S3 & VanMoof X3
  • Easily removable
  • 2 year warranty
  • 🇪🇺 € 348 · 🇬🇧 £ 315 · 🇺🇸 $ 348 · 🇯🇵 ¥ n/a
VanMoof Powerbank Lock Dock
VanMoof Powerbank attach/remove
VanMoof Powerbank locked
VanMoof Powerbank Indicator
VanMoof Powerbank Pluggedin

Powerbank is probably a gamechanger because until today potential customers with no access to a power outlet were forced to pick another e-bike brand.

Now, owners can charge the Powerbank at any power outlet then attach it to the charging port of the bicycle, turn it on, and in about 3 hours they are going to have a fully charged VanMoof e-bike.

On the other hand, it’s also a dynamic range extender. According to the Verge review of the VanMoof Powerbank, it seems to be possible to charge the main battery while riding the bicycle. However there is one point to consider, the user should ride the bicycle in economy mode (assist levels 1–2) otherwise the consumption will always be higher than the supply the Powerbank provides.

To double the distance of your bicycle trips, the powerbank is essential. However it comes with long waiting times, today (20.04.21) delivery times are up to 10–12 weeks.

If this is the product, you were waiting for to jump on an S3 or X3 then better consider acting fast to give your bicycle order bundled with the powerbank.

Tip: To get €100 / $100 / £95 off on the Powerbank, Accessories, or Peace of Mind services on a new S3 or X3 order, copy the following VanMoof discount code and apply it during the checkout: 

Get your discount, apply the following code: ADV-Y78Q-4S9G-HEM7

Meanwhile, the internet is divided with different views, some owners are happy to have the extension capability, whereas others think that the addition of the powerbank doesn’t fit well with the overall beautiful design.

Additionally, the powerbank doesn’t support the previous models such as the S2 and X2. It is not clear whether the limitations are due to the electronics inside the smart cartridge or this is simply a marketing strategy to drop the support on older models to push sales of the newer models.

Anyway, we’ll learn more about the range after first deliveries and real world use of powerbank.

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Every VanMoofer’s Must Have, Accessories Shop for your VanMoof

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All VanMoof riders share one thing in common, the passion for design. Here are some must-have items for VanMoof owners and it doesn’t matter if you have an S3 or X3. Here are my picks.

Better safe than sorry, take a look at the Abus Folding Lock with a safety level of 15 out of 15. A proper helmet for an e-bike/pedelec is essential Abus Pedelec Helmet is a good choice. If you want a more fashionable and compact option take a look at the foldable Closca Fuga Helmet with integrated headphones. The Closca Bottle needs no explanation, what a great design. If you use your mobile phone all the time while riding your VanMoof then Quadlock Bike Mount & Quadlock Universal Adapter is a good option. Your VanMoof needs minimal maintenance, so you are pretty lucky. However, cleaning the brake disks and pads once a month is a good habit so WD-40 Specialist Break Cleaner will take care of them (please don’t mix this with standard WD-40). The timeless VanMoof design can take hits, bends, scratches in time, to keep its beauty consider wrapping your bike with Kaliwa Paint Protection Film. Rear carrier, is a great help to keep your back sweat-free and let you ride hands-free, Basil Bags Miles single or double options are nice to have. Tires are also important VanMoof comes with Schwalbe Big Ben, so if it’s old replace it with Schwalbe Big Ben Plus. Ring ring, the ring sounds of the S3/X3 are cool or hilarious but sometimes annoying too, so Owl Vision Retro Ring makes sure that people will hear you without being annoyed. Design bicycles of VanMoof, have most of the things in order but pedals, so time to replace them with better grip, cooler look Moto Urban Reflex, many options pick your favorite. No, any other saddles are more friendly to your popo but Brooks Saddle, you will love its comfort. You need a quick fix? Brooks Multitool is all you need. Last but not least, your protector under the rain, bicycle-friendly rain poncho by Alpenmüller.

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VanMoof refreshes S3 and X3 with Apple Find My network integration  + 🔋

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There is already an article about the rumors going around regarding the S3/X3 refresh or a possible S4/X4 introduction. Check the previous articles in German and English.

On April 7th, it turned out to be a refresh on the existing S3 and X3 models. So what has been changed, what kind of evolution the humble bike had?

Credits: VanMoof

The major improvements VanMoof implied in the official email received by some of the S3/X3 order owners are:

  • A more accurate E-shifter
  • A more visible Matrix Display (and an improved color)
  • Precise location tracking using the Apple Find My Network
the email from VanMoof

Last but not least there are other improvements on the refresh models such as:

  • improved cabling and new buttons
  • mudguards and flaps
  • body-colored, new design pedals

VanMoof also sent a new firmware update which indicated that there will be a second battery. The refresh model hardware supports the attachment of a second external battery as a range extender. The version history of the Firmware V. 0.1.07-BMS indicates:

  • fixes back EMF issue
  • prepares for the second battery

VanMoof revealed the PowerBank / Second Battery / Range Extender
on YouTube but by mistake. 😅 
We don’t know exactly if it can charge during the ride or only while the bicycle is in park position.

VanMoof PowerBank revealed on 15.04.21 — Source: VanMoof YouTube
The design of the PowerBank reminds the S1 chain bag — Source: FB

Apple published an article about Find My network now offers new third-party finding experiences.

Apple Find My Network on different Apple devices — Credits: Apple

Until today, Apple FindMy was supporting to add and locate Apple Devices and Persons using Apple devices. Starting from April 2021, 3rd party hardware also became part of the network.

There are already some vendors like VanMoof, Chipolo, and Belkin, integrating the U1 (supports Ultra-Wideband Technology) into their devices.

How it’s going to work with VanMoof, watch the video below.Connecting the VanMoof S3 or X3 with the Apple Find My app — Credits: VanMoof

As far as we know, this upgrade is not a replacement for the VanMoof’s Peace of Mind service, but an additional layer of security and an easy way to precisely locate your bicycle.

VanMoof S3 and Apple Find My network — Credits: Apple

Sadly, VanMoof customer support made it clear (over the official Instagram and Twitter social media accounts) that older S3/X3 models are not suitable to have the Find My feature as an upgrade. We don’t know yet, whether it will be the same for the second battery extension.

Instagram post about the Apple Find My integration

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VanMoof S4/X4 ? refresh ist da! Jetzt mit Apple Find My Netzwerk Kompatibel 

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Nach der Kapitalbeschaffung von 40 Mio. USD erreichte VanMoof während der Pandemie erfolgreich den Meilenstein von 100 Mio. USD Umsatz (vollständiger Artikel).

Der in Amsterdam ansässige Fahrradhersteller entwickelt sich schneller als je zuvor zu einer weltweiten Marke. Das auffällige minimalistische Design der Fahrräder und die nahtlose Integration der Technologie in das Fahrrad-Ökosystem ziehen immer mehr Menschen auf der ganzen Welt an.

Der (von einer Pandemie ausgelöste) Boom in der Fahrradindustrie gab VanMoof ein großes Stück vom Kuchen ab. Besonders nach der Einführung der neuen Modelle S3 und X3 im April 2020. Die Nachfrage war überwältigend, die Wartezeiten stiegen sofort auf 4 bis 6 Monate und sie erreichten Rekordverkäufe.

Folgen Sie vanmoofer auf Instagram

Mit der Zeit klopften einige Kunden mit Beschwerden an die Tür des Unternehmens, und genau wie die Verkaufszahlen nahmen die Fälle plötzlich zu. Die Kunden wurden ungeduldig und zeigten ihre Beschwerden auf sozialen Plattformen an. Diese Herausforderungen veranlassten VanMoof, richtige Entscheidungen zu treffen, und das Unternehmen begann schneller zu wachsen, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf Produktqualität und Kundenbetreuung lag.

Es begann sich auszuzahlen. Die Probleme, die sie behoben haben, haben sich positiv auf die Produktverbesserung ausgewirkt. Der erste S3, den sie im April 2020 verkauften, wurde durch jedes Kundenfeedback ausgereift und wurde mit der Zeit zur besten Version.

Innerhalb eines Jahres verbesserte VanMoof blitzschnell die Qualität, die internen Strukturen und den Kundensupport und gab sich selbst die Marke „ “City Cycling Utopia (vollständiger Artikel)” und nach dem Motto “Gemeinsam die Zukunft fahren”.

Jetzt ist es Mitte März und der Frühling steht vor der Tür. Es gibt bereits Gerüchte, die sich schneller verbreiten als beim S3 / X3 (mit entferntem Entwicklermodus). Fans, die Fragen zum S4 / X4 stellten, erhielten Antworten oder Vorschläge vom Kundensupport und den Vertriebsmitarbeitern des Unternehmens. Seattle USA, Amsterdam NL, Berlin DE, Tokio JP:

“Wir können diese Informationen nicht bestätigen, aber vielleicht können Sie sich noch einen Monat gedulden.”

“In diesem Jahr wird es keine S4 / X4-Einführung geben, aber wir nehmen den Kundenfeedback ernst, sodass es möglicherweise bald ein Update geben wird.”

Die Nachrichten deuten auf eine aktualisierte Version von S3 / X3 hin:

  • verbesserte Verkabelung und neue Tasten (bestätigt am 06.04.21)
  • abnehmbarer Akku (siehe Hinweise zum Firmware-Update v.0.1.07)
  • neue Farbe (n) (noch nicht bestätigt)
  • Wagenfarbenpedale (bestätigt am 06.04.21)
  • eine neue Matrix- (oder LCD-) Anzeige (bestätigt am 06.04.21)
  • Verbesserte Smart Cartridge (bestätigt am 07.04.21) 
    mit  Apple Find My Feature Integration
  • benutzerfreundliche Kabelabdeckung (bestätigt am 06.04.21)
  • Kotflügel und Klappen (bestätigt am 06.04.21)
  • Navigation (noch nicht bestätigt)
  • genauerer E-Shifter (bestätigt am 08.04.21)

sind einige der Erwartungen, die über den VanMoof-Newsletter bekannt gegeben werden.

🚨 Update 21.03.2021
VanMoof hat ein S3-Foto auf Instagram geteilt, das darauf hinweist, dass es sich noch weiterentwickelt.

VanMoof Instagram am 21.03.21

🚨 Update 06.04.2021
VanMoof hat ein neues Video des S3 / X3 auf YouTube geteilt. Es scheint so, dass es neue Pedale geben wird, das Display der hellen Modelle scheint ein dunkleres Finish zu haben, die Kotflügel und Klappen sind ebenfalls anders.

VanMoof S3 (2020) vs S3 Refresh (2021)

🚨 Update 07.04.2021
Es ist endlich raus! #Apple Find My Integration ist nur für die Modelle S3 und X3 2021 verfügbar. Schau dir den Link unter dem Bild an.

Bildnachweis und Neuigkeiten: Apple Newsroom

Zusätzliche aktuelle Nachrichten:

VanMoof Firmware V. 0.1.07 BMS am 07.04.21

Anscheinend “eine zweite Batterie”, vermutlich eine externe Batterie wie ein Range Extender, muss noch angekündigt werden, die mit den Refresh Modellen 2021 S3 und X3 kompatibel sein werden. 🎉

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Charging & Discharging
“Sonos Roam”


🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
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Sonos Roam is out! The smallest speaker Sonos ever released, also really portable, unlike Sonos Move, you can take Roam anywhere with you.

Sonos Roam Unboxing in 4K

Roam comes in two matt colors, shadow black and lunar white. 168 x 62 x 60 mm (6.61 x 2.44 x 2.36 inches) big and 0.43 kg (0.95 lb) heavy. It’s waterproof with IP67 standard (meaning can stay 30 Minutes long under 1-meter deep water). So rain or dropping it into the water won’t stop your music listening experience.

Video Source:

Sonos Roam behaves like part of your Sonos network over a wifi connection to the other Sonos components while you are at home. If you have two, you can also stereo pair them.

Check this out! 👇

Thanks to the built-in microphone, it’s also possible to add Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant as the voice assistant. Built-in seamless feature, Auto Trueplay tunes your speaker to perform its best sound depending on the environment you are listening to music.

Image Source:

If you want to continue listening to music outside your home, with awesome Sonos quality then no worries. Roam supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Airplay 2, according to you can enjoy continuous listening for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Sonos Roam Battery, Charging and Port Specs are as follows:

18Wh battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, charges with the included USB-C cable and any 5V/1.5A or 2.1A USB power adapter, a Qi-certified wireless charger, or the custom-designed Sonos Wireless Charger (which is sold separately) and the speaker has a USB-Port with specs 15 W, 5 V/3 A USB-C. For more technical details click here.

Charging 🔼
from 12% to 82%

The sound, design, and functionality are fine but how about the charging experience? 

So we’ve made a small experiment: using an 18W iPad charging adapter, tried to charge the Sonos Roam while playing the following Spotify playlist.

Charging curve using 18W iPad USB Charger

As you can also read from the chart above, while the speaker was playing music at a level of 60% volume and charging, for some reason after min 82, at 38% battery, it started to discharge instead. After min 103, we lowered the volume to 25% and charging continued normally. During min 150, the playlist was over so music cut off and charging continued a little faster.

Once the charger showed a value of over 80%, we removed the charging cable and started to play the same playlist from the beginning with a volume of 50% to observe the discharging. The overall charging from 12% t0 82% took around 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Discharging 🔽
from 82% to 52%

Sonos claims that Roam has up to 10 hours of play time.

Listening to the following Spotify playlist at 50% volume on Sonos Roam over the Sonos wifi network gave us 2 hours and 30 minutes of playtime for 30% battery.

Discharging was constant and reliable, didn’t experience any sudden drops in battery percentage.

We concluded applying simple math to the data and as a result, we may say that Sonos Roam would provide 8 hours and 20 minutes of playtime if the speaker is playing music at 50% volume.

Watch the video below:

Sonos Roam discharging from 82% to %52 in 2 hours and 30 minutes

If we would decrease the volume, we believe that 10 hours of playtime would also be possible to achieve. So thanks to Sonos for the precise accuracy in battery life.

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VanMoof S4/X4 ? maybe an updated S3/X3 version is on the horizon

🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
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After raising $40m capital, VanMoof successfully reached the milestone of $100m in revenue during the pandemic (full article).

Amsterdam-based bicycle manufacturer is becoming a worldwide brand faster than ever. The eye-catching minimalist design of the bicycles and seamless integration of technology into the bicycle ecosystem is continuously attracting more and more people around the world.

The (pandemic triggered) boom in the bicycle industry gave VanMoof a big slice of the cake. Especially after the introduction of the new models S3 and X3 in April 2020. The demand was mind-blowing, waiting times increased instantly up to 4–6 months and they’ve reached record sales numbers.

Follow vanmoofer on Instagram

In time, some customers started to knock on the company’s door with complaints and just like the sales numbers, the cases faced sudden increase. Customers began to be impatient and started to show their complaints on social platforms. Such challenges guided VanMoof to take proper decisions and the company started to grow faster with a focus on product quality and customer support.

It started to pay off. The cases they’ve solved and the problems they’ve fixed, reflected positively on the product improvement. The first S3 they sold in April 2020 got mature by every customer feedback and in time became its best version.

Within 1 year, VanMoof at a lightning speed, improved the quality, internal structures, customer support, and even branded itself with “city cycling utopia” (full article) and the motto “ride the future together”, while working from home.

Now it’s mid-March and April is around the corner, there are already rumors spreading around faster than the S3/X3 (with removed developer mode). Fans who were raising the questions regarding the S4/X4 starting to get some answers or suggestions from the company’s customer support and sales agents. Seattle USA, Amsterdam NL, Berlin DE, Tokio JP:

“ We can’t share such information but maybe you can wait another month.”

“ There won’t be an S4/X4 introduction this year but we listened to our customers/riders and there may be an update soon.”

The rumors/news indicate an updated version of S3/X3:

  • improved cabling and new buttons (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • detachable battery (seen on Firmware update v.0.1.07 notes)
  • new color(s) (not confirmed yet)
  • body-color pedals (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • a new matrix (or LCD) display (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • improved smart cartridge (confirmed on 07.04.21)
    with  Apple Find My feature integration
  • user-friendly cable cover (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • mud guards and flaps (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • navigation (not confirmed yet)
  • more accurate e-shifter (confirmed on 08.04.21)

are some of the expectations.

🚨 Update 21.03.2021
VanMoof posted another S3 photo on Instagram hinting that its still evolving.

VanMoof Instagram on 21.03.21

🚨 Update 06.04.2021
VanMoof posted a new video of the S3/X3 on YouTube. Seams like there are new pedals on the bikes, the displays on the light models seams to have a darker finish, the mudguards and flaps are also different.

However, there is still something yet to be released in April. 🤞 Stay tuned.

🚨 Update 07.04.2021
It’s finally out, and this is the big news. #Apple Find My integration is only available on 2021 Model S3 and X3. Check the link below the image.

Image credits and news: Apple Newsroom

Additional Breaking News

VanMoof Firmware V. 0.1.07 BMS on 07.04.21

Apparently “a second battery” assumably an external battery like a range extender is yet to be announced which will be compatible with the refresh 2021 S3 and X3 models. 🎉 So if you ordered one today, you should be safe and sound.

🚲 Buy a VANMOOF S3 or X3 ?
Apply the VanMoof discount code below during checkout to get €100/$100/£95 off on Powerbank, Accessories & PoM services :

Meine Drillisch Smartmobil-Telefonrechnung kostet 1412,- € 🤬

In der EU gibt es ein Daten-Airbag-System. Wenn Ihre Datenverbindung ein Limit von 59,50 € erreicht, wird Ihre Datenverbindung automatisch unterbrochen.

Während meiner Reise nach Norwegen habe ich die Fähre von Hirtshals nach Bergen genommen. Auf der Fähre stellte mein Mobiltelefon eine Verbindung zu GPRS her und hat 45 MB Daten heruntergeladen. Anscheinend ist das ein Trick. Einer der günstigsten Telefontarife in Deutschland stellt eine Verbindung zu GPRS her und berechnet seinen Kunden 30 € pro MB. Natürlich ohne Vorwarnung! 😉

Die Details der Rechnung zeigen die Datenverbindungen:
26.06.19–14:05 internet 198800 KB mit betrag 0 €
26.06.19–19:34 internet 44226 KB mit betrag 1161 € + tax
26.06.19–19:45 internet 22750 KB mit betrag 0 €
26.06.19–20:29 internet 5400 KB mit betrag 0 €

Was ist das? wenn das kein Raub ist?

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