VanMoof S4/X4 ? maybe an updated S3/X3 version is on the horizon

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After raising $40m capital, VanMoof successfully reached the milestone of $100m in revenue during the pandemic (full article).

Amsterdam-based bicycle manufacturer is becoming a worldwide brand faster than ever. The eye-catching minimalist design of the bicycles and seamless integration of technology into the bicycle ecosystem is continuously attracting more and more people around the world.

The (pandemic triggered) boom in the bicycle industry gave VanMoof a big slice of the cake. Especially after the introduction of the new models S3 and X3 in April 2020. The demand was mind-blowing, waiting times increased instantly up to 4–6 months and they’ve reached record sales numbers.

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In time, some customers started to knock on the company’s door with complaints and just like the sales numbers, the cases faced sudden increase. Customers began to be impatient and started to show their complaints on social platforms. Such challenges guided VanMoof to take proper decisions and the company started to grow faster with a focus on product quality and customer support.

It started to pay off. The cases they’ve solved and the problems they’ve fixed, reflected positively on the product improvement. The first S3 they sold in April 2020 got mature by every customer feedback and in time became its best version.

Within 1 year, VanMoof at a lightning speed, improved the quality, internal structures, customer support, and even branded itself with “city cycling utopia” (full article) and the motto “ride the future together”, while working from home.

Now it’s mid-March and April is around the corner, there are already rumors spreading around faster than the S3/X3 (with removed developer mode). Fans who were raising the questions regarding the S4/X4 starting to get some answers or suggestions from the company’s customer support and sales agents. Seattle USA, Amsterdam NL, Berlin DE, Tokio JP:

“ We can’t share such information but maybe you can wait another month.”

“ There won’t be an S4/X4 introduction this year but we listened to our customers/riders and there may be an update soon.”

The rumors/news indicate an updated version of S3/X3:

  • improved cabling and new buttons (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • detachable battery (seen on Firmware update v.0.1.07 notes)
  • new color(s) (not confirmed yet)
  • body-color pedals (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • a new matrix (or LCD) display (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • improved smart cartridge (confirmed on 07.04.21)
    with  Apple Find My feature integration
  • user-friendly cable cover (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • mud guards and flaps (confirmed on 06.04.21)
  • navigation (not confirmed yet)
  • more accurate e-shifter (confirmed on 08.04.21)

are some of the expectations.

🚨 Update 21.03.2021
VanMoof posted another S3 photo on Instagram hinting that its still evolving.

VanMoof Instagram on 21.03.21

🚨 Update 06.04.2021
VanMoof posted a new video of the S3/X3 on YouTube. Seams like there are new pedals on the bikes, the displays on the light models seams to have a darker finish, the mudguards and flaps are also different.

However, there is still something yet to be released in April. 🤞 Stay tuned.

🚨 Update 07.04.2021
It’s finally out, and this is the big news. #Apple Find My integration is only available on 2021 Model S3 and X3. Check the link below the image.

Image credits and news: Apple Newsroom

Additional Breaking News

VanMoof Firmware V. 0.1.07 BMS on 07.04.21

Apparently “a second battery” assumably an external battery like a range extender is yet to be announced which will be compatible with the refresh 2021 S3 and X3 models. 🎉 So if you ordered one today, you should be safe and sound.

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