understanding Sonos better during the Super Bowl XLVIII

I wish I could post this earlier but I couldn’t cause life sometimes sucks hard.

Anyways, Sonos was one another company who reserved a spot during the Super Bowl 2014 for showing the world this commercial. Why don’t you take a quick look?

While the advert was on air, viewers started to post on twitter about the commercial and about the brand and its products. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to listen the tweets and find out people are actually talking about during that period. I randomly collected around 5000 unique tweets (no retweets or shitty text).

I found out that people who own a Sonos system which they can connect to their TVs were feeling like they were actually watching the game live. The listening experience of the Sonos Playbar and other components (Sonos Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Connect) which you can pair with is awesome.

Some people heard about Sonos for the first time and they were amazed by the idea of Hi-Fi in wireless form.

The rest who already knew about the brand and the products were either showing their interest on how nice the commercial is or their desire to get one in there houses.

I also clustered the most relevant tweets and their contents and found out interesting patterns. With respect to the relevance of the words and the frequencies, I rank them in a descending order, with the mostly used keywords.

Rank. Keyword : My Comment
1. Sonos : No surprise why 😉
2. I : people show their personal desire by emphasizing their own
3. commercial: I believe this is also not a surprise
4. want: Yes people really want it
5. that: I believe we can sum this up with #1
6. house: One place where a Sonos product belows to 🙂 people want it in their houses
7. system: It’s the whole package
8. speaker: Yes thats what Sonos does and they do it the best!
9. music: All started for music, Hi-Fi
10. like: this is what you feel at first sight
11. love: and this is what you feel when you use it
12. cool: and thats how it looks from outside

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