7 sene Mantis
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2007 senesinde başladığımız yolculuk bugün 7 yaşını doldurdu. Bunca seneyi bir çırpıda anlatmak elbette hiç kolay değil. Yine de bir özet geçmek gerekiyordu, ben de düşündüm sonra bu Inforgraphics’i hazırladım. 5 kişi başladığımız bu yolculuğa bugün 14 kişi devam ediyoruz ve umarım üzerine koyarak uzun yıllar boyunca devam edeceğiz. Mantis, 2007’den bu güne birçok başarıya […]

US and Spying in Global World

After Google, Facebook, Twitter and etc. information collectors and analyzers, US found another way of getting into people’s privacy, by providing a company named Carrier IQ and collecting all the private information of mobile or in another worlds smart phone users. If you follow the link http://engt.co/ufL9wf you will be able to read and watch […]

Sequence Assembly Software

Hi there! Today, I would like to give some information and links about the tools used generally for sequence assembly, soon I am going to post a new article about the current state-of-the-art in visualization focusing on NGS. AMOS is collection of tools and class interfaces for the assembly of DNA sequencing reads. Bowtie is […]

Mining Tools

Here you will find some widely used and free (or shareware) data mining tools. Help yourself! ADaM, Algorithm Development and Mining version 4.0 toolkit AlphaMiner, open source data mining platform that offers various data mining model building and data cleansing functionality. Databionic ESOM Tools, a suite of programs for clustering, visualization, and classification with Emergent […]