Why am I still having problems with you? Canon 500D

My camera is back at the service again! returned back last week. Hot pixels are still present. Here you see a photo taken with ISO speed 400, exposure time 8 seconds, lens aperture F/3,5, in the dark with the lid closed. After applying low fade correction filter using Corel PSP. Complete dissatisfaction! I will send it back to service again […]

My camera is back at the service again!

Misfortune on my technological devices continues with my Canon 500D Camera. Canon Rulez! didn’t workout this time. One night, my shooting test ended up noticing the hot pixels on the final photo. There were 4-5 colored pixels (blue or red) on the photo. They appeared on my London visit. Anyways, so I returned the camera […]

Battery Charge Level Problem MacBook Pro

After Toshiba, Apple betrayed me too! Is the “Breakthrough Battery” slogan, a lie? Apple is announcing here that “A built-in battery powers MacBook Pro for up to 7 to 8 hours on a single charge”. However mine even can’t afford the 4th hour (even with no keyboard illumination, at the lowest level of screen brightness […]

Utterly Disappointed with Toshiba!

I have been utterly disappointed with two Toshiba laptops I bought in the past so as with the Toshiba Customer Service. Toshiba Qosmio F10 and Tecra M7 Case 1 – Toshiba Qosmio F10 10 days after it’s warranty ended (it had 2 years of international warranty), the mainboard of the laptop crashed totally. I’ve learned […]

MacBook Pro Sound Balance Problem?

Today, while I was listening Last.fm from my brand new MacBook Pro, I’ve noticed that there is a unbalanced treble sound. The speaker on the right side was predominant compared to the one at the left. I check the balance of the sound system from the System Settings and realized one more that there is […]