While I was in Berlin


As the title says, it took place in Berlin. I was attending an event for project outline preparation. Just took 2 days, a monday and a following tuesday.

On monday I arrived to cold, gray Berlin. The spree was all covered with ice. After having 3 hours of sleep prior night, I was feeling pretty tired as well. All of a sudden I found myself in the conference hall with 350+ people all around me, listening, taking notes and looking for potential candidates to collaborate. 🙂 Pure business.

Every coffee break was almost same like the previous ones, catching eyes, going to the target, introducing eachother and tiring to get an idea whether it worth to spend the next 5 mins there or better to skip and get another one. Like the time in the city itself, the event was continuing with cold conversations only about business. Lunch was not different at all, on the surface level.

Monday evening we went to an Indian Restaurant ( Bombay ) with a subgroup, 12 people. It was very nice, I met really nice sincere people. That nice time continued the next day to and I believe everyone felt that this positivity also reflected through the day, made it successful enough.

I invited them all to Turkey 🙂 seems like we will be visiting many countries together. Dear all, it was very nice to meet you. Hope to see you soon. I think I will firstly go to Finland for visitin Mr. Kuvaja.

* from the 1st meeting of the consortium.

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