Installing, Compiling Eigen 2 on Mac OS X

Well if you need to install Eigen on your Mac OS X, you can simply follow the steps below:

1. go get Cmake – link
download Mac OSX Universal (.dmg installer for Tiger or later)
2. install Cmake
simply click on the dmg file
3. go get Eigen source – link
remember the directory in which you download the source
4. extract Eigen source
click on the tar.gz file to extract it and remember the location
5. open a terminal window
type ‘terminal’ in the spotlight search box
6. using the terminal go to Eigen source directory
navigate yourself to the right location, you know how.
7. in Eigen source directory run ‘cmake’
you may create a ‘build’ directory and give it as the destination as follows
‘mkdir build’ and than ‘cmake ../../build’ remember to fill the  ../../ part correctly
8. run ‘make’
in the same directory after cmake, run the ‘make’ command
9. run ‘sudo make install’
after make you should run ‘sudo make install’ remember your admin pass
10. congratulations.

after these steps,
you might still need to adjust the properties of your development environment..

be patient and take your time..

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