My camera is back at the service again!

Misfortune on my technological devices continues with my Canon 500D Camera.

Canon Rulez! didn’t workout this time. One night, my shooting test ended up noticing the hot pixels on the final photo. There were 4-5 colored pixels (blue or red) on the photo. They appeared on my London visit. Anyways, so I returned the camera back to the reseller Saturn on 30/11/09 (thank god they gave me another camera as replacement).

Last week I received an email, telling me that it is repaired and ready waiting for me. I was happy to get it back finally, until realizing the hotpixels went triple.  Now I have about 15-16 pixels on the photos.

I returned it and we will see within 1 month if hot pixels will increase 30 more or will they be able to repair it.

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