Apple knows how to do it!

Hello iPad.

Today Apple released it’s new piece of baby to be seen by the whole world.

The event was at 19:00 Germany time. I was on the way back home when I wanted to tweet something at around 19:30.. Twitter was overcapacity and reminding me to try again a few minutes later. I think the reason which made the twitter go over the capacity was the iPad. Steve Jobs was making the talking, audience was tapping the keys.

As expected iPad was the device, a bigger iPhone or iPod Touch. I don’t deny the device looks very classy and user friendly as an Apple gadgets owner. However I expect this device will also come with a short battery life.

I’ve also watched the video on their website and told myself again; yes, these guys really know to do the marketing. They really know to fascinate the people, audience. They are talking as if they made something from zero. This is how you should address to the potential customers.

I am seeing now in the blogs, tweets and statuses that people are impatient to have one.

They are offering the prices cheap and it’s in one way very true. On the other hand they are making big markets addicted to themselves. They are preparing the ground and than collecting the rents and the shares from all users.

I think Apple is one great leader of the on demand business, what they achieved with iTunes and AppStore tells so much. Now they are going in to the iBookStore, letting not only eBooks but also eMagazines, eNewspapers and anyother thing we are reading on paper, in hand. Congratulations.

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