Project Idea!

In 2004 while I was applying for PhD positions in European universities, I had a very nice and unique idea for PhD subject proposals. I gave most of my effort to NTNU focusing on the idea and what could I do. A detailed description, a road map, pros and cons. A very well prepared PhD application almost 40 pages of documents, 15 about this idea.

Althought I got positive results from the evaluation committee, in the last step of the evaluation the chair of the department rejected my application. My potential supervisor sadly told me the result, and 2 years later he answered one of my emails that the NTNU and Rosenborg (the football team of the Trondheim city) are launching a project which is focusing exactly on the same subject.

Last week, I was together with some people from Fraunhofer IAO and while I was telling about the PhD Applications that I made, surprisingly told me that they are also working on a similar project. 🙂 Well seems like I was not the only one who has the idea. However it seems that I was one of the people who wanted to start earlier to this project and have the product at first in hand.

One important thing was the item NTNU provided in their application process, it was written that every PhD proposal provided to our university will be accepted as the official property of the university and could be used in any means. Maybe one smart guy read my proposal and knocked Rosenborg’s door with it. As a result there you go with a brand new project.

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