Barcelona, full of pickpockets..

I was in Barcelona for 3 day and found myself in the middle of the city.
My excursion started around La Rambla. I wasn’t satisfied until I saw the National Place situated on top a hill with a great city view. The blue circle on the image points the GPS coordinate of the National Place (Palau Nacional).

Unfortunately during my stay, I’ve witnessed different crime scenes with the naked eye. In the metro line L3, a guy (who was accompanied by a woman) unzipped the bag of an American girl, took her wallet and zipped the bag back. That moment, she realized something had happened, luckily she checked her bag and yelled at him for her passport. The guy dropped them and walked away as if nothing has happened, few seconds later train arrived to the next station and both of the criminals disappeared. I witness the situation but wasn’t sure what was going on until I spoke with the victim.She was lucky to get it back. Pickpoketing is a big problem in Spain. When Police catches them and the worth of stolen things are less than 400€, they are free to go.

La Rambla is a famous place, attracting tourists. A long street which looks like the İstiklal in İstanbul. Anyway keep it in mind, better be careful and alert when you are in Barcelona.

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