Ankara Esenboğa Airport needs more passengers!

I am at Ankara Esenboga Airport waiting for the boarding. I am flying to İstanbul and than to Stuttgart.

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Here, in Ankara we really have a nice airport serving with acceptable capacity. Actually I am not sure if there is any rush hour here, because most of the time I am facing with a quite Esenboga. It’s a simple to explore airport for domestic and international flights. It mainly has two floors ground level for the arrivals and first level for the departures. International and Domestic flights are shared as the left and right part of it. I think it has more than (maybe equal to) 12 boarding bridges and a lot of parking lots and adequate ground services to collect the passengers with high quality service. What is missing here is a close airport hotel, the nearest hotel is about 4-5 kilometers away.

As I mentioned the airport is most of the time working below it’s capacity. However I believe it has a potential to be the transit connection point on the bridge between Europe and Middle/Far East. Currently Istanbul has this role on and day by day I observe that it’s getting overloaded. If some airlines which are using Istanbul as a refueling station should move their flights to Ankara Esenboga so that they may have the opportunity to pay low taxes and reflect it to the passengers as cheaper tickets.

Well I am hoping to see more tourists and more airlines visiting Ankara, for any reason. Ok I have to go!! They are announcing..

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