A bit Ankara

I am back. Even for a short time, it’s great to be here. It’s late at night and each second my eyes are getting heavier.

People here are all confused. The media each day introduces a new puzzle. People are speaking on the TV, hours and hours about a makes no sense question or answer or subject. People is suffering from unemployment, lack of social security. However the government is following completely redundant stuff. Words are always more important than the achievements. Fashion is still borrowing instead of affording. I have to do more to change it. I need to work more.

I realized that the weeks products of Tchibo in Turkey, in fact are the ones we had 1,5 month ago in Germany, also the prices are extremely expensive here. Tchibo Germany sells a Cafissimo machine for €49 whereas Tchibo Turkey offers €129.

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  1. Yurtdışında yaşayıp da buraya gelince ne kadar farklı bir perspektifi oluyor insanın değil mi.. O perspektifi hiç kaybetmemek dileğiyle.. Sen ankaradayken belki karşılaşırız 🙂

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