iPhone 4G

It is funny: a young unexperienced engineer forgets the Apple’s top secret new funky gadget iPhone 4G on the table in a bar! It doesn’t sound so realistic, but it’s true.

Apparently there is a device for sure, an iPhone 4G prototype; one might think that this can be an another marketing strategy. Weekday starts and baam! there is the news about iPhone 4G, since monday almost all technology blog, website, magazine has this on there first headline.

I didn’t like the prototype’s design, I hope they will come up with something way much better than this one, in June! I also have to admit that as an iPhone 3G user, I am not satisfied with the UI.

I liked what KIN is offering in their advertisements, websites and also Nokia’s Maemo based gadget. However I am not sure which one to choose before June.

I will play with them one by one and decide which one will be the successor of current iPhone 3G.

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