Active Noise Cancellation in Cars

Recently, I read articles about this topic. ANC is trending in cars as a built-in solution. I found out many manufacturers integrating ANC as a feature to their lineups. There are many companies demonstrating their products. It’s obviously a great feature for cars with internal combustion engines. I also can’t imagine how silent an electric engine car will be.

Image source: Wikipedia.

Solutions that I find out require a special hardware installation, such as microphones to grab noise and a control unit to perform processing. The built-in sound system in the car plays the anti-noise and reduce the noise.

Image Source: Honda.

I asked myself, why does it need to be this way? Does it worth to have microphones and control units in every single car? No question if luxury is the priority. Today, almost every car brand supports Bluetooth for mobile connectivity and state of the art mobile phones have multiple microphones and already implemented active noise cancellation algorithms for phone calls. It sounds fair to replace the ‘built-in hardware’ with a mobile solution.

Many people use a car mounts to place their mobile phones on the front console or windshield, keep them in the line of sight. The mobile can grab the cabin noise, as well as the noise coming from the engine and outside environment, use internal processing power and algorithms to generate the anti-noise signals and feed the cars sound system over Bluetooth. Just like in the illustration below.

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