Sequence Assembly Software

Hi there! Today, I would like to give some information and links about the tools used generally for sequence assembly, soon I am going to post a new article about the current state-of-the-art in visualization focusing on NGS.

AMOS is collection of tools and class interfaces for the assembly of DNA sequencing reads.

Bowtie is an ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner.

Cap3 is a DNA sequence assembly program.

Consed is a tool for viewing, editing, sequence assemblies created with phrap.

EagleView is an information-rich genome assembler viewer with data integration capability.

Gap5 is a general purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins.

GigaBayes is a short-read SNP and short-INDEL discovery program.

Maq is a software that builds mapping assemblies from short reads generated by the next-generation sequencing machines.

Maqview is graphical read alignment viewer.

MOSAIK is a suite comprising of three modular programs: MosaikBuild, MosaikAligner, and MosaikAssembler.

Phrap is a program for assembling shotgun DNA sequence data.

Phred software reads DNA sequencing trace files, calls bases, and assigns a quality value to each called base.

PolyPhred is a program that compares fluorescence-based sequences across traces obtained from different individuals to identify heterozygous sites for single nucleotide substitutions.

VAAL is a polymorphism discovery algorithm for short reads.

Velvet is a sequence assembler for very short reads.

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