Battery Charge Level Problem MacBook Pro

After Toshiba, Apple betrayed me too!

Is the “Breakthrough Battery” slogan, a lie?

Apple is announcing here that “A built-in battery powers MacBook Pro for up to 7 to 8 hours on a single charge”. However mine even can’t afford the 4th hour (even with no keyboard illumination, at the lowest level of screen brightness and 2 min after turn-off screen mode, no USB devices or cards attached, no resource occupying process – simple pdf files reading) as well as losing it’s Battery Charge Level capacity!

My 1 month old MacBook Pro lost it’s Battery Charge Level by %9! plus the measurements are annoyingly inaccurate.

Last log date 11.01.2010 Monday
Current Batt Charge: 5074 mAh
Maximum Batt Charge: 5450 mAh

In average with Coconut Battery App measurements, usual capacity of 5450 mAh is now 5074 mAh and this is not good. After recognizing the fault, I contacted Apple Germany and they gave me some ideas about calibrating the battery (that’s why I wrote the article below) and calibration didn’t work at all. After each calibration, I’ve faced with more lower measurements.

So I am waiting for the MacBook’s Battery Charge Level to go below %80 as soon as possible (before 300 recharge cycles) and then I will ask for a battery replacement.

Catastrophe: Apple Customer Service in Germany, I had 3 calls, hold on the line for 15 to 20 mins in each, listening the “we are sorry for keeping you wait” jingle! at the end jingle listening + problem description = no solution took about 35 mins x3 = 105 mins in total! If you consider that they are charging around 1/4€ a min!

It was just money and time loss!

3 Replies to “Battery Charge Level Problem MacBook Pro”

  1. 10.02.2010 Wednesday
    Current Batt Charge: 4890 mAh
    Maximum Batt Charge: 5450 mAh

    Battery Health 89%
    Battery Load Cycles 38

  2. 11.02.2010 Wednesday
    Current Batt Charge: 4884 mAh
    Maximum Batt Charge: 5450 mAh

    Battery Health 89%
    Battery Load Cycles 39

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