How to Pokemon Go?

Here are few tricks to become the master of the hype ‘Pokemon Go’:

Pikatchu (seni seçtim pikaçuuu, pika pika pika)

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Everybody wants to catch the Pikatchu so here is what you should do..
Walk 4 times by any appearing other Pokemon, remember do not catch any of them just continue walking around.. 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. baam! Here is Pikatchu, he just appeared, now throw your Pokeball and make Pikatchu yours.. 🙂

*** Battery Life ***

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A new smartphone has longer battery lifetime but Pokemon Go will definitely break the routine. Playing Pokemon Go with an average smartphone will probably give you 4-5 hours of play time a day, but what if you are not satisfied with it? Probably you want more playtime. Here is what you are going to do?

Things to do for more Pokemon Go Playtime

1. Carry a battery pack or a second battery

Battery packs (a.k.a power banks) with over 20000 mAh supply will let you charge your phone 3-4 times and naturally carrying a second battery will double your play time.

Battery packs have the advantage of continuous game play. However additional (spare) battery packs may give you a short break while changing the battery. Make the phone on/off/on time and Pokemon Go app close/open times count. I personally would go for the battery pack (power bank) option.

2. Turn on ‘low power mode’

If you are using an iphone, all you need to do is enable it by following these steps

general > battery > low power mode

The battery icon (default: green color) will be displayed as yellow and extend the battery life by 1/4 times more. Smartphones other than the iPhone also offer similar features, just use them. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 01.50.31

3. Enable the power saver of Pokemon Go

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 01.54.40

Click on the settings icon within Pokemon Go (cogwheel icon) then enable the power saver, when you don’t use the phone for catching pokemons, the app will save a little bit of your battery juice..

4. Disable the AR mode

Augmented reality is really nice in Pokemon Go but still, somethings need to be more mature. Therefore you can live without it, just disable the camera access and you are good to go.

Disabling the AR function will decrease the battery costs caused by the camera access. I assume you’ll get %10 longer play time.

Seize the every single extra minute!

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