Utterly Disappointed with Toshiba!

I have been utterly disappointed with two Toshiba laptops I bought in the past so as with the Toshiba Customer Service.

Toshiba Qosmio F10 and Tecra M7

Case 1 – Toshiba Qosmio F10

10 days after it’s warranty ended (it had 2 years of international warranty), the mainboard of the laptop crashed totally. I’ve learned that it was a common fault for all Qosmio F10 series and ones in America called back and replaced for free.. Unfortunately in my case nor Toshiba Turkey neither Toshiba Europe disagreed for the replacement. Result: I paid 1150$ more and %0 of customer satisfaction.

Case 2 – Toshiba Tecra M7

5 months before it’s warranty deadline (luckily! it had 3 year of international warranty), the mainboard of the laptop crashed again! my f..king luck! I took it to the customer service. After 40 work days which equals approximately 2 months, I got it repaired. After 100x calls a day! Normally they had to refund the price!

If you care about your mental healty, I advice you one thing: No Toshiba anymore!

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