A month ago 102 people lost their lives in Ankara after an explosion right in front of the train station. 15 days ago 224 people lost their lives in a plane crash near Egypt. Yesterday 43 people lost their lives in after a bomb attack in Beirut. In Paris more than 120 people lost their lives during last night. In Syria god knows how many people have died in the past years. Uncertain numbers of refugees who lost their homes, ran away from their own country then lost their lives in cold waters. Innocent people passed away, with weapons, bombs, guns or indirectly while running away from the war. Words are not enough to explain how sad, how desperate I feel as one single individual.

Physiological plays, power struggles, economic greed, arms production, laziness, lack of comprehension, affect ignorance etc. are the reasons behind the unfortunate departures from life.
Are you really creating awareness against these? with the new photo filter? or with a new profile photo? Don’t fool yourself! Did it satisfy you? You let sleeping dogs lie… You focused on yourself and your profile photo got three colors on. And maybe facebook can measure the mass effects easier. How many people from which country put the new filter on.

Solidarity shouldn’t be equalized with a country flag or with a point of interest. There is no solidarity in singularity, you need to be plural! If it need to be a flag it should be the earth flag.

Yes the word solidarity is good enough to be the new hashtag. But we don’t need the word, we need the action. Action for solidarity is what we need. Do you really want to help? Welcome others in your neighborhood, help the people who need help. If your time flies away, it flies away for good. Don’t bother, do it for good, for love. Share, don’t expect people to ask, be the first one to offer. Cast one’s bread upon the waters.

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