Moto 360: The best smartwatch that you can buy!

I love the way technology becomes a part of our everyday life. Smart-watches is the latest trend in that direction. Currently it’s just a complementary for your smartphone, in the future maybe a replacement.

There are still so many people out there asking themselves the following question ‘why do I need a smart-watch?’. Well from my point of view; as a man, I believe a watch is the only jewelry that I may always wear. Receiving the notifications on the wrist is a good idea and I don’t want to wear any other additional band for fitness or activity tracking. That’s why I need to have a good looking smart-watch which is capable to show the notifications and track the all-day activities.

This is exactly what Moto 360 is! It is a magnificent piece of jewelry for man. You really can not compare it with any other smart-watch on the market. It is simply the best.

I already had no doubt when I saw the photos and the hands-on videos. I saw the pre-order in Amazon and ordered with 1-click. The first moment I opened the box, I was like ‘Wow! This is a gorgeous gadget’.

So it fulfills the most important task: being very good looking! The rest is all about time keeping! I briefly summarize the pros and cons below.


+ design: It is a simple impressive design with round form factor
+ quality: Each piece including the box, cradle, charger, arm band, watch are rich in quality
+ light weight: It is surprisingly light
+ fast wireless charging: It charges with any wireless inductive charger really really fast
+ charging cradle: The charging cradle is pretty solid and the watch turns into an amazing table watch
+ display: Good quality IPS display enables you to see everything even under bright sunshine
+ heart beat monitor: Not only measuring your heart beat on demand but in intervals for monitoring your daily activity profile
+ wonderful watch faces: Standard watch-faces are simple and elegant.
+ moto connect app: Enables you to customize the watch faces and see the battery level using your smartphone
+ android integration: Android wear is getting better each day, the customization of app notifications is great!
+ step counter: Pretty accurate
+ accelerometer: It’s not sooooo sensitive and precise enough, which means that the screen only turns on whenever you really want to check the time.


– battery life: It would definitely be better if it could last longer.. Full charge lasts 24 hours when ambient mode is off and with an average of 2 interactions per hour. Remember that the heart beat monitor keeps track almost every 5 mins.
– android wear interface: I believe Google has to work on a more intuitive interface design then they will be unbeatable. OK Google! is good enough but still looks and sounds weird in public. A favorite gesture would be great to start a special app or measuring your current heart beat rate.
– ppi: It would be great if the pixel per inc values would be a little higher especially if you’re used to UHD screens.

Conclusion: If you want to buy a smart-watch here it is, it looks good even if its out of battery!

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