Memory Loss

During the last months, I was facing with it. I was forgetting this more often than usual.

When I look back in time, I just remember people around me who were complaining about this problem. They were motivating themselves for eating more red meat or taking some vitamin pills in order to fix it. :)

Now, I am wondering why? Why such a strong red meat eater like me is facing it? Is it because that I am getting older? or is it because I am sleeping while my mobile phone is on, staying next to my bed? Am I more dependent on electronic gadgets so that my brain is getting lazy? or having more responsibility and things to take care of.. over my limits? Maybe all or nothing? I don’t know yet but last week I week I read an article in NY Times titled “How to Train the Aging Brain” ;)

If you are having similar questions or concerns, it would be helpful for you also. Check it out..

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