Was it because of Labyrinth??!!

Yesterday while I was waiting for the boarding at the Dresden Airport.

I started to play the game Labyrinth on the iPhone (which one was a gift by 12 Days of Christmas app).

After playing 2-3 levels, I heard the announcement for the boarding. I pressed the home button as usual walked to the gate.

The day before my flight, I checked in using the mobile portal and got a mobile boarding pass, similar to Austrian’s above.

Unfortunately I couldn’t able to reach my home screen when the attendant asked for the boarding pass. iPhone stuck, no matter I did, I got no response. I tried to reset using the home and sleep button, somehow it didn’t restart.

At the end, I couldn’t show it and they checked my identity card and check my status on their screens and let me get the plane. iPhone betrayed me because Labyrinth corrupted it system files or whatever.

I send the reports over iTunes, hope it will help. Who would compansate it, if I would miss the plane? Illusion Labs or Apple?

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