Every single way goes through Google

Today every move you’re making is known by Google. It is not just the search engine itself but all it’s services like Gmail, Analytics, Web Tools etc.

In each service you use, you agree to give the rights of anything, all rights of your belongings in the entire actually from now on belongs to Google.

If you use GMail, all rights of your emails belongs to Google, if you send an email to an address ending with @gmail, @googlemail again the same rules apply. If you use picasa or panaromio, you will all the rights of your photos to Google automatically. If you use Mozilla and has mozillas current page, Google knows the exact time whenever you start your browser.

If you use Google Chrome they even know all the web addresses you type to the address line. They have crawlers, spiders running everywhere in the web. Many websites are using Google Analytics to keep the track of their web site visitors. When ever you start a web page tracked by Google Analytics, Google knows it too. Google maps is no different.

If you are using your mobile phone, or any other gadgets, to login or to search or web related issues, Google understands it too. Any brand of computer, operating system, web browser, the amount of time you stay in webpages. The times you search, the keywords you search, your search frequency. What are you searching, why are you searching.

Let’s say you called a webpage which has Google Advertising, welcome to the Google world again. Did you clicked on any advertising? Not only your statistics but also your surfing behaviour, your interests. Do you use themes? If you use twitter, facebook similar social networks, you are already identified by Google. They also know about your last tweet or your last status. Your friendships can also be indexed by Google.

Frankly, everyway you walk in the web you are passing throught the Google basis or Google follows you and tracks you. No escape at all. 🙂

How can you be tracked? On IP basis, on account basis, on machine ID basis, on your behaviour models, on your interests. Anything you can imagine is true. Today World Wide Web can be renamed as Google’s Web.

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  1. This is the most malicious campaign I have seen on the web… why don’t people get hang of the technology, compare and understand web services better before writing…

    In internet, all web based activities are traceable… every click can be identified by the respective service providers… nothing unique about Google. What is unique is that Google is transparent about it and lets you control your information better than most other service providers. Also, it uses open platforms, therefore benefits get distributed to the entire community.

  2. Well at first this is not a campaign, it is a simple article which is true. Of course every single click can be traced, here the most important thing is not invading people’s privacy.

    People should you use and learn about the services and the technology more. One thing one’s missing is not reading the agreement before accepting to get that service. If you read every single line of the service and privacy agreements than people may ask more questions, instead of acting like a sheep.

    p.s. it’s good to comment and share your opinion with everybody but please do not drag down in your sentences.

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