A Chicken and Egg Situation

Two things I hate before flying is dropping the luggage and passing the security check. I learned how to survive these two but there is one thing which I don’t understand.

Luggage collection and distribution!

It doesn’t matter in which row or in what way I drop it. I sometimes drop it first, sometimes in the last place, sometimes with priority, fragile or transit tags. No matter what I always get it back at last.

There should be an order, an arrangement. Is it a first in first out or a first in last out? Waiting longer than I’ve expected, always makes me more and more impatient. At least I want to know where my luggage is. Can I?

Maybe like the iQube systems, there should be a system, specially developed for luggage picking problems right at the beginning so that I can access the information and the delivery time over a (mobile) service or from the screens at the airport.


One more thing!

We already have the technology at the end user level today.. I wonder why don’t we carry the chip card as the plane ticket, instead of a milage programme card. We trust the chip integrated the credit cards, everywhere and for every payment today. Maybe there already are some approaches for it but to change seems not to be so easy. At first investment should return? Is the boarding card printing industry really so big? If they can’t handle it, someone should take it over or pass it on.

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  1. I don’t know which airline you usually fly with,i but I found out that there is a thing called “priority tag” used by delta, air france, air italia… It is either a florescent green or orange tag they put on your luggae which means that your bag will be the first to come out of the plane. Or at least in the first batch. Whenever they put that tag on my bags – which they usually have to because I have this unfortunate luck of somehow finding the tightest connections – my bags are the first to come out! So I would recommend asking for that tag – it is very helpful!

    On another note, I also saw a new product on the skymall magazine. They are selling a special rfid tag which you put in your luggae. This way, with a small mobile device, you can control how far your luggage is from you. It was quite expensive for me. But in the future I might really consider purchasing one with my phobia of lost (or mostly mixed)luggae..

  2. Thank you Emel was happy to read your suggestions. I should try it again next time. But until today no matter which tag I had on the luggage, Priority, Transit or Fragile, I always got it at last. 92%. I had these priority tags on my business class flights 🙂 but made no difference for me.

    I am mostly flying with Turkish Airlines, Swissair, Germanwings and Air France. Mostly dropping the luggage whenever I fly to Turkey. Other flights are mostly for short trips so that I get my overnight hand luggage in the plane.

    That device looks really useful for me. It can solve my problems finally 🙂 I definitely need that gadget asap.

    Btw. I flew with Pegasus lately and once again promised myself that it was my last flight w. Pegasus!

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